Über is one of a pair of videogame-themed supervillains with Leet[1].


Über remains with Leet because he considers him a friend, despite a very real possibility that he is holding Über back.


Über is described as a tall man with a sculpted physique and broad shoulders. The costume he wears depends on the current game he and Leet are basing their crimes off of.[2]

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Über's power grants him a high level of skill at anything he tries his hand at. Wildbow has commented that people tend to overestimate his power - "it would perhaps be better to say that he's able to learn techniques."[3]

He can for example do a martial arts recovery but does not have the requisite skill to have proper balance and poise.[4] Further he alter his voice like an announcer or professional voice actor.[5]



Formed a partnership with Leet so that they could "spread the word about the noble and underrated art form [of] video games"[6]. They streamed their antics to the internet, they received more revenue from this then their crimes[7]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Helped Coil's endgame and were paid to take a hike.

Golden Morning Edit

"Shacked up" with Circus before running afoul of the law after the death of Leet.[8]

He was relocated to a hospital so he could help out with those who had been horribly injured.

Trivia Edit

  • Copies of Über by Echidna are given the name 'Ünter', German for under, mirroring how Über means 'over' in the same language. further it is a play on "over and under".


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