Interlude 20.y
Date posted April 6, 2013
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20.x (Donation Interlude 1; Stan)
Imago 21.1
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20.y (Interlude; Accord) is the final chapter of the Chrysalis Arc. Accord thinks about his plans. The Undersiders meet with the Teeth, Fallen, and Ambassadors. Accord holds fruitful discussions.


Accord arrives at the truce meeting being held by the undersiders.

Informs the undersiders about the Butcher


The Ambassadors Edit

The UndersidersEdit

The Teeth Edit

The Fallen Edit

Major EventsEdit

  • Meeting to discuss the new order of the city
  • accord and his ambassadors accept
  • the teeth and the fallen do not


  • Othello's shadow self is immune to Imp's power to a certain extent. It is able to tell where she is.
  • This is the third Truce meeting shown in Worm.

References Edit

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