Interlude 25
Date posted July 16, 2013
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Scarab 25.x (Interlude, Bonesaw) is the seventh chapter of Scarab. Bonesaw puts Jack in stasis, works on making the Slaughterhouse Clones. After a brief meeting with Contessa, Riley meets a boy, then they all wake up. S9 is back.


Slaughterhouse Nine Edit

Slaughterhouse ≥two hundred and seventy Edit

Bonesaw's Masterpieces Edit

Others Edit


  • Given that Bonesaw's capture occurs offscreen, this could essentially be considered her defeat.
  • The women in the suit had the effect that she did due to a combination of Bonesaw's problem solver mentality, her first friendship outside of and long term seperation from: the nine. All causing the little tinker to re-evaluate things.[1]

References Edit

  1. It's not what was said, but the context of it. Bonesaw is lonely enough she befriends the corner store cashier, disconnected from the Nine for the first time in ages. That she was staying awake through the timeskip was a first step in rebelling (Keep in mind she's on the verge of becoming a teenager).
    With nobody to talk to and no Jack to steer her back on course, simple words reverberate within an echo chamber, hard to ignore because of the puzzle that is this strange woman, a problem that a problem solver like Bonesaw is inclined to try to solve. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit

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