Abaddon is an Entity.


Abaddon was smaller than the Thinker or the Warrior, and had a different form.[1]

Abilities Edit

Abaddon travelled using a different means to the Thinker and the Warrior.[2][3]

History Edit

As Eden and Zion approached earth, Abaddon asked to exchange information with Eden. Following their exchange of shards, Eden became distracted and crashed into several earths.

Doctor Mother mentions that the shards Eden obtained during the exchange (referred to as a "foreign element" in Arc 29) tended to yield powers without standard restrictions when administered to Cauldron subjects.[4]

Trivia Edit

Contessa's shard is, presumably, still actively linked to Abaddon.[5][6]

The name "Abaddon" is not used in the text, but used by Wildbow.[7]

References Edit

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