Abaddon is an Entity.


Abaddon was smaller than the Thinker or the Warrior, and had a different form.[1] It still held a vast amount of information.[2]

Abilities Edit

Abaddon travelled using a different means to the Thinker and the Warrior,[1] mainly through propulsion rather than the spatial warping that the others did.[3]

Its divergent evolution was such that communication was initially difficult between itself and the Thinker entity.[4] The creatures have almost incalculable processing power.

Thanks to Abaddon's contribution Eden was able to understand concepts more intricate than simple conflict.[5]

History Edit

Deep BackgroundEdit

The Entities first arose on a grey, silty world, which they destroyed and rode the explosion out to new worlds.[6]

Abaddon's line had remained a singular traveler of space and it had visited fewer worlds than the Warrior Entity or the Thinker Entity[7]


It sensed Eden and Zion on their way to earth, Abaddon asked to exchange information with them.[4] Eden accepted engaging in an exchange of shards.[8] Because of this Eden became distracted and crashed into several earths.

Abaddon then continued on to its destination on, presumably, the opposite end of the universe.[9]


Contessa's shard is, presumably, still actively linked to Abaddon.[10][11]

Doctor Mother mentions that the shards Eden obtained during the exchange, a "foreign element", tended to yield powers without standard restrictions when administered to Cauldron subjects.[12] These may have been unincorperated shards from Abaddon.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Abaddon" is not used in the text or chapter tags, but has been used by Wildbow.[13]
  • Abaddon would have made an appearance in another quest after PRT Quest had concluded.[14]


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