The Ambassadors are a supervillian group operating within Boston, Massachusetts, they are collectively Accord's assistants and secretaries, they are almost unbeatable when Accord commands them directly in the field. They were colorful, tailored, thematic and gendered costumes with males wearing formal suits while females wear elegant if impractical dresses.[1]

It seems that whenever Accord needs to replace one of his ambassadors he always tries to get one with a similar power to the one before. When he purchases Cauldron vials he asks for those of the same quality as his previous purchase.[2]




The Ambassadors were whittled down to two members after being raided by the Slaughterhouse 9.

After the Ambassadors arrived in Brockton Bay, Accord contacted Cauldron and requested five serums to give to his subordinates. Only four out of the five people he gave the serum to survive; Codex, Lizardtail, Ligeia, and Jacklight. Accord traded information with the Undersiders to get Tattletale to tell them what powers they had did before sending them against the Teeth with the Undersiders in order to test these same powers.

Following Accord's death the Ambassadors continued as a group,[3]


  1. And in each room were people in costume. Other teams had themes, natural or otherwise. Their costumes matched, or they unconsciously mirrored one another in style of dress or quality. Accord’s people were much the same, but it was very deliberate. Each wore fine clothing, elegant dresses and suits, and each had their hair neatly combed into place, oiled to the point that it looked wet. The ‘costumes’ were in the color of their chosen formal wear and badges or brooches they wore, as well as the finely crafted masks that hid any trace of their real expressions. - Excerpt on Interlude 19.x
  2. The Ambassadors
    Led by Accord, the Ambassadors hail from a smaller territory in Boston. Sporting tailored formalwear and ornate masks with brooches and pins rather than spandex and emblems, the Ambassadors are described a team of heavy hitters that even the Travelers weren’t keen on butting heads with. Led by a Thinker to organize them, they’re something of an elite force. After some losses at the hands of the Slaughterhouse Nine in Boston, they’ve come to Brockton Bay in hopes of joining the Undersider’s alliance. - Cast (in depth)
  3. “We lose nothing, and we gain time,” I said. “Which big guns do we have?”

    "The Thanda. Cauldron has volunteered the services of their two elite members. The Las Vegas Capes offered help, as did the Ambassadors. The Alcott girl has her ability to foresee the future, but she’s trying to reduce the strain she experiences so she can offer more assistance at the most critical juncture.” - Excerpt from Sting 26.5 overseen by the Undersiders.

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