Adamant is a member of the New York Protectorate.


Adamant wears a metallic costume, featuring metal bands and panels that are loosely linked together by chains, fit over a black bodysuit[2].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Through the versatile application of his ability Adamant is a front-line bruiser. He can distort his armor into a variety of useful shapes through Metallokinesis, such as a blade to cut through restrictive material or into a completely solid piece keep things from getting into his armor.[3] His ability allows Adamant to wear heavy armor without actually having to worry about being encumbered by it, in fact he can use it to supplement his own strength and durability [3]. Further he can actively repeal or deflect other metallic objects with his ability.[4] His armor is partially mechanical which allows him to move with more mass, though this does take maintenance to use it.[5]

His powers make him durable enough to go toe-to toe with one of Hellhound's Mutant dogs.[6] His metal manipulation is more for close up direct combat.[1]



Natural trigger[citation needed]

Story StartEdit


Came to Brockton Bay to fight the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit


Went toe to toe with Hellhound and her dogs when the warlord Skitter decided to punish Tagg for the Director's temerity in revealing her secret identity. A breech of the Unwritten Rules.[6]

Adamant would later transfer out of Brockton Bay.[7]


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