Africa is a continent on Earth Bet.

Geography/Description Edit

Africa is a patchwork of the nice and the desolate. There's no balance and minimal boundaries - groups roam or get forced out and move to another area, people promise the moon only to become warlords, and there are a number of monsters akin to Ash Beast. There are numerous stretches where things are as good as they are in the rest of the civilized world.[1]

Residents Edit

The cape dynamic in Africa has a massive tendency towards mercenary work - relatively few groups larger than three individuals, but sometimes up to twelve or fifteen will work together on a short term basis before going their separate ways. There are few Cauldron capes, so things are dominated by relatively unstable natural triggers. Those who don't take money to use their powers will very frequently have a surprisingly hostile 'us vs. them' mentality, adhering to a faction or location, be warlords fighting for a place in a constantly shuffling battlefield, or both.[1]

Ash Beast, a living firestorm, triggered in Matruh, Egypt. It slowly travelled across Africa; andy settlements in its path were evacuated long in advance.[2]

Moord Nag was a warlord based in Namibia.[3] She was one of the most powerful warlords in Africa.[2]

Points of Interest Edit

History Edit


Kevin Norton recommended Scion "go to Africa and help those damn kids who were orphaned in wars", among other heroic tasks.[6] Scion fought paramilitary groups in Africa and the Middle East.[7]

The Ash Beast triggered in Matruh, Egypt. It slowly travelled across Africa; any settlements in its path were evacuated long in advance.[2]

Moords Naag established her rule around 2002. Eventually, other warlords in the area learned to obey her.[3]

Story StartEdit


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit


Moord Nag attended the meeting of all the major powers to oppose Khonsu. She agreed to fight in exchange for Cauldron providing her with five thousand lives to feed her power.[3] Her intervention was considered key to the victory against Khonsu.[5]

The Timeskip Edit

Moord Nag was targeted by Leviathan for the first of his geurrila attacks, damaging Lüderitz, Swakopmund, Gamba, Port-Gentil and Sulima. Moord Nag survived, but the battle was considered arguably a loss regardless.[5]

Faultline's Crew established a portal to Earth He, which was settled by non-English speakers from Western Europe and Northern Africa.[8]


Moord Nag helped out in the fight against the Slaughterhouse 9000.[9] Her motives in doing so were a mystery.[10]

Golden MorningEdit

Scion selectively murdered individuals across Africa using his powers, deliberately leaving hundreds of thousands of orphans, in an experimental attempt at reversing his heroic actions. A number of tattooed parahumans in civilian clothing attempted to stop him at one location, but were unsuccessful.[11]

Moord Nag attended the meeting of all the major powers to stop Scion.[11]

Earth He was used to evacuate a number of refugees, but was attacked by the Yangban.[8]

Khepri collected Ash Beast and Moord Nag, among others.[2][12] Moord Nag had a stroke from the stress of being controlled, alerting Khepri to the dangers of what she was doing to people. Khepri sent her to Panacea to heal. Khepri sent her against Scion again, but he struck her aside before her power could reach full strength.[2]

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