Agitation 3.1
Date posted 9 August 2011
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Agitation 3.1 is the first chapter of the Agitation arc. In it, Taylor walks with Brian along the Boardwalk. After another tough day at school she heads back to the villain team.


The chapter starts with Taylor jogging to the Boardwalk on a Tuesday morning. She meets Brian there, and they make small talk about Rachel. Taylor mentions she has to go to school, and Brian tells her that none of the Undersiders go to school. Before she leaves, Brian gifts her the key to the base, inviting her to come around later to train.

Taylor takes a bus to Winslow, inwardly struggling with whether or not to skip school, promising herself that she will at least attend Computer class. She walks to Mrs. Knott's class, but on the way there she encounters Sophia, who sees her and draws a finger down her own face like a mock tear referring to the previous day's teasing.[1] Taylor exits the school, taking a bus back to the Docks.