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Date posted September 13, 2011
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Agitation 3.11 is the eleventh chapter of the Agitation arc. In it, the Battle at the Bank concludes with a showdown between Panacea and Glory Girl, versus Taylor and Tattletale.


This chapter begins in the middle of the Bank robbery, with an unknown girl attacking Taylor with a fire extinguisher. As Taylor reaches out for her bugs, she finds them unable to respond, even telling her that they were in different places than they were, and her headache develops into a full-blown migraine.

The unknown girl swings the fire extinguisher again, and Taylor dodges backwards. She takes out her phone and starts entering into it, but Taylor smashes it. The girl refuses to tell Taylor what she's done to her powers, and instead admits that her text message went through. Before Taylor can ask who she texted, Glory Girl bursts in through a window, casually smashing a table aside before revealing that the unknown girl is Panacea and telling Taylor that the Protectorate and New Wave will be here shortly.

Taylor holds Panacea hostage with her knife, while the hostage herself makes threats against her, such as giving her cancer or making her morbidly obese, only stopped by Taylor's costume. After a few seconds of small-talk between the two sisters, Tattletale enters. She quickly confirms Glory Girl's assertion of reinforcements, and asks why Taylor isn't attacking with bugs. Tattletale quickly starts to instruct Taylor to kill all the bugs on Panacea by pointing them out with a laser pointer. During this, Tattletale tells Glory Girl that she can read minds, though common knowledge says that this is impossible. The only currently suspected psychic is revealed to be the Simurgh, setting an unsettling precedent.

Meanwhile, Taylor manages to kill all the bugs on Panacea, stopping the feedback loop that she had created. Tattletale threatens to reveal all of their darkest secrets, to which Glory Girl replies that the New Wave have no secrets, heroes with no secret identities and full accountability. Furthermore, neither of the villains have any powers or weapons that work against the heroes. Tattletale denies this, stating she's "got the most powerful weapon of all ... Information.”


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  • This is the first mention of Legend the leader of the protectorate and able to use lasers that bend around corners. Something that does not make sense given modern understandings of physics.

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