Aidan is an orphan.

Appearence & PersonalityEdit

A quiet, solemn boy who worries a lot.[1]

He had regular nightmares and intermittent sleepwalking, screaming in the night, until one night he dreamed about space-whales. After that, they stopped.[2][1]

He grew accustomed to people swearing from being around Tattletale's men.[3]

He carried a pigeon.[4][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Aidan triggered with a bud of Skitter's Administrator Shard that allows him to control birds.[5] He can see through birds' eyes when he isn't controlling them and, when he is controlling them, the birds go where he 'pushed' and moved away from where he 'pulled'.[2] He cannot control them individually, rather he sets 'invisible flags' or rally points where birds get pulled towards. Alternatively this can be used to make the influenced birds move in a wave, told to attack targets on their way and similar actions.[6] His control was fine enough to make an individual pigeon hop from one knee to the other, then back again.[4]


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Adopted by Taylor Hebert and moved into her headquarters along with other children. Cared for by Charlotte[2]


Drew a picture after having strange dreams of space-whales, after Skitter came home the night her identity was revealed.[2][1]


Triggered from his first nightmare in a long time, a week before Golden Morning.[2]

Golden MorningEdit

Aiden was no longer staying with Charlotte.[7] He was being taught by Tattletale, and looked after between lessons by her soldiers, although Charlotte still checked up on him.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • It is not canon the Aidan's last name or cape name is Hitchcock.


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