Alabaster was a member of the Empire Eighty-Eight.


A fanatic believer of the supremacist dogma spouted by the Empire 88, Alabaster is quite the racist and a brute, reveling in the power his position gives him. He is more than happy to take advantage of a situation against a target if given the chance and is a loyal soldier who was more then happy to carry out his leader's orders.[1]


Alabaster was a young man with a 'flawless appearance'. He had unnaturally smooth and literally white skin and hair.[2] His eyes are also completely white devoid of pupils, iris, and visible blood vessels, though this does not impede his vision.[1]

Powers, Tactics, and Equipment Edit

Alabaster had the power to restore himself to a pristine condition at set intervals of 4.3 seconds.[2] This restoration not only heals him of any physical damage (and sheds physical mutations), but also of any mental or emotional effects from parahuman abilities. Other traits include an inability to feel pain, allowing him to mutilate himself with no fear of harm, in addition to a mild thinker ability that allows him to maintain and improve equipment at low cost.[1]

If his body received enough punishment to destroy him, or if his corona faced complete destruction and/or if his heart was torn out right as the loop began (which would shock the Corona Pollentia), his powers would be disrupted and he would perish.[3]

On seeing him in action, Taylor speculated that he acted as a delaying tactic when on the front line. His restorative ability combined with athletic reflexes allowed him to absorb and dodge attacks, occupying enemies on the front line. Occupying opponents as a relatively minor if persistent threat, while having a chance to take out the problem individuals. This frees up the rest of his team to operate unhindered.[4] He is adept with firearms, favoring two pistols with a concealed stiletto knife.[1]


Background Edit

Alabaster is a rare example of a natural trigger whose ability physically mutates him.[5] He joined the Empire Eighty-Eight in Brockton Bay, likely drawn by their ideals.[1]

Story Start Edit

Alabaster served directly under Purity as a member of Empire Eighty-Eight. He fought the Undersiders as a member of this "sub-group".[6][7][4]

As a member of Empire Eighty-Eight, Alabaster's secret identity was leaked to the press by Coil.[8]

Endbringer Edit

Participated in the effort to defend Brockton Bay against the Endbringer Leviathan. Alongside Jotun and Dauntless, Alabaster was thrown into the center of a time-distortion bubble by Leviathan, where he was caught, unable to make his exit fast enough to avoid being frozen in time.[9]

Trivia Edit

  • Alabaster was not a Cauldron cape, nor was he associated with Gesellschaft.[5]
  • Contrary to fan speculation, Alabaster's power was not related to Grey Boy's or Clockblocker's.[10]
  • Alabaster's appearance, given his white skin and hair, recalls Richard Benson, The Avenger, an old pulp character.


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