Anchorage is a capital city of Alaska in the United States of America. It is the setting for PRT: Department Sixty-Four.

Residents Edit

The local Protectorate, Wards and PRT teams.

The Saltykovkoya Bratva, a branch of the Russian Mafia.

Gold Coin.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Docks where shipping comes in, was damaged in a recent Endbringer attack but was recently repaired.
  • Rail-yard- terminal for the states larger rail system.

History Edit


Hosted several villain groups.


Was attacked by Khonsu, which damaged the docks. Afterwards a new PRT office opened in the area.

The TimeskipEdit

Roulette, a member of the Wards team, had a lengthy vision of the future. She recorded as much as she could, but passed out from the strain.



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