Kirk is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Was naturally inquisitive.


As Annex, Kirk wears a white uniform with a cowl and metal mask. Jen would have a more unique costume later.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Kirk is capable of merging with objects to warp their spatial nature and shape. This warping ability means that his body becomes intertwined with a material, for example: Annex gets transported sometimes by warping with his teammates bikes, or once Skitter's suit.

Can meld with inorganic material and reshape it. [1] This includes things like lengthening chains, while also thinning them out, or reconstructing buildings from debris.

His recruitment allowed the Chicago wards to go full out in wreacking thier environment. Slowing Annex and Cuff to fix it later.[2]


Recruited into the Chicago wards by tecton, deployed against behemoth.

Participated in the confrontation with The Folk keeping eyes on the villains at all times.

Died when The Twins first appeared.

References Edit

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  2. Well, (Tecton) went out of his way to recruit Annex. Arguably (along with Cuff) a way to clean up messes from anything Tecton knocks down or Golem puts up. - Comment by Wildbow on Crushed 24.1


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