Arbiter is a member of the Los Angeles Protectorate, under Rime.


She thinks of Cauldron as "evil".[2]


Arbiter's mask is a golden woman's face with the mouth parted a fraction, shaped in a way that reveals her forehead. Her costume also includes a black bodysuit with loose black cloth draping down from the attached golden shoulder pads and breastplate.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Arbiter has minor forcefield and sonic laser powers,[4] a social Thinker power, and a "riot sense" that makes her aware of the threat level of individuals associated to someone she chooses, not including that person, in terms of color.[2]

She also demonstrates the ability to learn languages superhumanly quickly, with her Portuguese ability advancing from broken to flawless after three exchanges with native speakers[3]. She also speaks Chinese[5] and a local language from New Delhi[3], and Weaver describes her voice as "oddly melodic".[2] It is unknown whether this ability is distinct from her other powers or if it has other applications.

She also has some amount of medical training.[2]


She was a member of the Wards program under Alexandria's supervision before graduating to the Protectorate.[2]

Story startEdit

She participated in the fight against Bambina, Starlet, and August Prince.[2]

She helped as a translator between the Yangban and the Protectorate prior to the New Delhi fight against Behemoth.[5] At the fight, she used her forcefield powers to help Weaver evacuate capes from a burning rooftop.[3]

References Edit


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