Colin Wallis was the leader of the Brockton Bay Protectorate team as Armsmaster. After being critically wounded by the Slaughterhouse Nine, Colin took on the identity of Defiant and worked alongside Dragon in searching for and fighting the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Colin is exemplified by a stern and uncompromising personality, one which frequently serves as a source of friction between him and the people around him - including professional subordinates. Colin sees himself as being part of a war; a soldier of law and order fighting against the chaos of supervillains.[2] Because of this, he can be rude and abrupt to people who aren't on 'his side'.

Colin is defined by his tunnel vision.[3] He's a man who wants to be self-reliant at all times and to excel at everything he does, pushing himself to his absolute limit to a point that might be considered obsessive. He prided himself on this spartan existence which allowed him to take up any job and perform any role the Protectorate required of him.[4] He deliberately went without a family, friends or a personal life in order to be that much better at his life as a cape and to not give any enemies additional ammo to use against him.[5] In fact, until he developed a relationship with Dragon, he had no personal life to speak of whatsoever. Any time not spent on his official duties was spent training or working on his equipment. Despite his powerful drive to be a heroic cape, Colin's pride and anger can get the better of him, leading him to make errors in judgment or exhibit elements of narcissism. Along those lines, Colin also has difficulties with understanding people.[6] As Colin himself puts it: he never knows what to say, how to say it, or who to say it to.[5] Miss Militia noted that he "didn’t have a head for this sort of thing" when discussing interrogations.[7]

Relationships Edit


His relationship with Dragon (and his new identity as Defiant) leads Colin to be slightly less stern and belligerent, although he still exhibits many of the same traits and habits that make him difficult for most people to deal with for an extended period. As Taylor puts it, Dragon is the only person on the planet who can stand him for more than ten minutes at a time,[8] and Dragon herself admittedly needs a break sometimes.[9] In her interlude, Dragon notes that she and Colin have the same taste in movies and television shows.[6]


Besides Chevalier and Dragon she is one of the only people who considers Defiant a friend.


Got off to a bad start with the young Would be hero. Taking credit for her and the Undersiders taking down Lung led to the first blemish on his record. And in turn led him to recklessly try for a win against Leviathan. His life crumbled because of her.

Later after having some time to recover and with somebody help he changed his mind. As Defiant states that he has officially retracted his statements calling Taylor a manipulator and a liar.[10]


Saw each other as old friends.[11]


Armsmaster was featured in photoshoots of the "core group of the top Protectorate members". He had his own action figures.[12] He appeared on magazine covers and did interviews on TV, so you could find almost anything about Armsmaster through various media, short of his secret identity. Taylor Hebert compared him to Michael Jordan and referred to him as "one of the top heroes".[13][14]

Armsmaster is mentioned as being under 'retirement' and presumably the public thinks this.[15]


Colin is a tall man in his late twenties or early thirties by Taylor's reckoning.[13] He has dark-brown hair and beard that he keeps short and cropped.[16]

Armsmaster's costume consists of a suit of midnight-blue power armor[17] with silver highlights and a helmet and visor that covers his eyes and nose[13]. He wears a neatly trimmed beard. He wields his personally designed and crafted Halberd weapon system which can shift into various weapons, cut through most metal, wreathe the blade in plasma, project electromagnetic pulses and act as a grappling hook, among many other tools and features. His helmet includes a lie detector and a computer program that allows him to predict enemy behavior - although these tools are not infallible. He also made use of a personalized tinker-tech motorcycle.

His chest emblem was a silhouette of his visor in blue against a silver background, and was featured on various merchandise, including underwear.[13]

Defiant's costume consists of an advanced, heavy-duty suit of power armor which is forest green and gold in coloration. Much of the armor is decorated in a styling that evokes dragons - such as frills or wings - along the green portions. His helmet, which obscures his whole face, resembles a high-tech knight's helm and the points where the visor meets the rest of the helmet are shaped like a dragon's wing. Much like Armsmaster, he wields a long polearm, although this one is a two-pronged spear as opposed to a halberd and is much larger, able to extend itself up to fifteen feet in length. The spear can deploy a number of different blades and tools, similar to Armsmaster's Halberd and is etched with a design like a lizard's skull in the spearhead. Much of this armor is obviously intended to invoke a comparison with his heroic partner, Dragon, who wears a similar set.

As Defiant, he has numerous cybernetic enhancements throughout his body and even inside of his brain. These include at least one prosthetic eye, a prosthetic leg, and a prosthetic arm to replace the one he lost fighting Leviathan (it is unclear whether more than one each of his arms and legs are cybernetic replacements; see trivia). This level of cybernetic augmentation allows Dragon to see what he sees and allows them both to communicate with each other privately. His scalp is covered in thin, neat surgical scars and he keeps his dark hair and beard shaved close. The level of cybernetic modification means he only has fifteen minutes of 'down time' each day, with six of those fifteen being for sleep. His cybernetic leg also mounts a nanomachine thorn generator.[2][18]

He usually has access to a personalized Dragon craft which he pilots.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Colin is a Tinker that specializes in miniaturization and efficiency. He uses this power to create ridiculously efficient technological devices which he outfits into his suits of armor or into his weapons.[19][20][21][22]

His equipment has demonstrated, or has been said to have, the following features:

Equipment Features
  • Blade that rearranges into various other weapons (Halberd)[19]
  • Blade that can cut through steel (Halberd blade, spear[23])
  • Grappling hook (Halberd blade)[19][13]
  • Welding device (Halberd blade) [24][13]
  • Flail (Halberd blade)[19]
  • Teleporting to his hand (Halberd)[25]
  • Temporal stasis trigger (Halberd)
  • EMP Projector/Electricity field (Halberd, spear)[26]
  • Nano-thorn disintegration field (unique Halberd, spear, Defiant armour[27])
  • Plasma blade (Halberd)[13]
  • The ability to change its size (spear)[28]
  • Spinning blades (spear)[29]
  • Echolocation (Halberd, helmet)[19]
  • Lie detector (helmet)[19]
  • Combat predictor (helmet)[19]
  • Psychic shielding (helmet)[30]
  • Sealed biohazard capabilities (Defiant armor)[31]
  • Enhanced strength (Armour)[32]

He had a secondary ability that allowed him to "stick way more technology in a space than has a right to be there", but only while it was in his immediate presence, according to Tattletale.[30] During their partnership, Taylor speculated that Dragon must have had Defiant adjust her gear, because "there was no way she could pack that much machinery in that much space" - unless "it was all crammed into her torso, which was impossible".[33]

As Defiant, he replaced his internal organs and parts of his brain with artificial equivalents, reducing his need to sleep, eat and eliminate waste to less than fifteen minutes a day.[34]


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  • Prior to his actions during Leviathan's attack, Taylor indicates that the fallout from Lung's poisoning was the first blemish on Armsmaster's record.
  • In Miss Militia's interlude, Colin remarks that he would "give [his] left foot" for Miss Militia's no-sleeping perk.[16] As Defiant, Colin needs almost no sleep and possesses at least one cybernetic leg.
  • Colin has been seen fighting all three Endbringers. The Simurgh in Madison, Leviathan in Brockton Bay and Behemoth in New Delhi.
  • In Fortuna's interlude, a version of Colin is glimpsed in an alternate reality. There, he is known as Arsenal. He wields a gisarme and works closely with someone named Richter (presumably that reality's version of Andrew Richter).
  • It appears that Defiant may be upgrading his body with further cybernetic modifications as the story progresses. While he initially only has one cybernetic eye,[2] by the epilogue both of his eyes are apparently prosthetics.[35] Similarly, during his interlude, Defiant works at further integrating cybernetic components into his calf - which is organic at that point - much to Dragon's disapproval.
  • Armsmaster finished the nano-thorn halberd only the night before the Battle against Leviathan.[36]
  • Armsaster was a recurring character in the various drafts of what would be Worm. His relationship with Dragon was exclusive to the final draft.[37]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Leviathan): "You don't even speak English, do you? Or you'd know what I was saying, you'd know I already won. The others helped, slowing you down, stopping the waves. But this victory, this killing blow? It’s going to be mine.
  • (To Saint): "I'm inclined towards tunnel vision."
  • (To Hoyden): "I never guarantee anything, except for a select few promises I make to people I love and people I hate."
  • (To Dragon): "I'm about to put my foot in my mouth. Can I call in a 'Colin is a doofus' chit in advance?"

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