Ash Beast is a major threat S-class by any defintion, but for its slow pace making it easy to track, enough to evacuate people out of its path.


Ash Beast is described as an unending explosion, a person standing in the center of a rolling mass of fire and smoke. Within the flames, he changes shape, sometimes growing wings or leonine claws.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ash Beast's power is not fully understood, but relies on a conversion between mass and energy to constantly surround himself with some kind of explosion. He seems to possess a regenerative ability and exhibits partially uncontrolled shape-shifting. His explosions are comparable in power to the destructive capabilities of an S-Class threat.

Has a shapeshifting beast form generated through constant matter/energy and energy\matter conversion[1] allowing him to replace and rearrange parts of himself.

Ash Beast was shown to be capable of matching Scion for an indeterminate period of time. In that fight, he was able to regenerate even as Scion tore into him.



Ash Beast triggered in Matruh, Egypt and has been roaming around Africa ever since. As he travelled on foot, people could see him coming from miles away. As a result, by the time that he reached a settlement, it had been evacuated.

People tried to control Ash Beast, to steer him in the general direction of their enemies, though it rarely worked for long[2].

Golden MorningEdit

Khepri created a bubble in range of Ash Beast before using Doormaker to create a portal so she could exert her control over him. She had Trickster bring Ash Beast through the portal before sending him against Scion. Ash Beast and Scion started to tear into each other as Khepri pulled some of her capes back. Khepri sent other capes to assist Ash Beast including one that fed fire into his body.

He was killed by Scion while controlled by Khepri, erased alongside a number of capes including Othala and Trickster.[2]


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