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Ethan is a member of the Brockton Bay Protectorate.


Smart, witty, and annoyingly good with kids, Ethan is also a highly observant individual, able to see Battery's trepidation about discussing where her powers came from even though she tried to hide it.

He claimed to stand against everything that the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center stood for, leading into his career as a jailbreak specialist.


As Assault, Ethan wears as streamlined body armor with a visor covering the upper half of his face. It is the opposite of his costume as Madcap which had a grinning mask that covered the lower half of his face and featured bulky, spike-studded padding.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ethan is a kinetic energy manipulator. He is capable of controlling energies of movement, acceleration, and motion relative to himself and the things he touches.



In the past, Ethan operated under the name of "Madcap" as a jailbreak specialist. After he was caught, he joined the Protectorate under the name of "Assault". His requirement for joining the heroes boiled down to: enough anonymity so that he wouldn't have repercussions for being a villain, and being on the same team as Battery so that he could hang out with her all the time.[1]

Eventually, he and Battery married,[2] though this was unknown to the public.[3]

Fought against Empire Eighty-Eight and Krieg

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

His wife was killed by Bonesaw while she was in the company of Skitter, under the influence of Bonesaw's agnosia miasma. He blamed the Undersiders for her death, and pushed for the PRT to be more aggressive.

Assault was largely absent from events following the Echidna incident, though he was at the Protectorate base when Skitter surrendered. He ended up disappearing entirely before Behemoth's attack on New Delhi. It is unknown if he participated in Golden Morning.

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