Charley Cothran, known to the public as Auroch, is a member of the Anchorage Wards.


Charley is friendly, assertive, and was reasonably confident before her psychotic break. She responds well to authority and interacts well with people in positions above or below her, cape or civilian. She consistently under performs in her day to day in school but does well on final examinations and major assignments.[1]

Claims to be a music nerd with a liking of loud music, the type that makes bone's rattle.[2]


Parents Edit

She had a good relationship with her father before he died.[1][2]

Director Knox Edit

Her former director in the Los Angeles protectorate department. Knox went out of her way to make sure Charley had a full metal recovery before transferring her to Anchorage.[2]


Charley stands 5’11” with a above average build of 165 pounds, wears her brown hair short.[1]

As Auroch she wears a white costume and armor with a stylized bull's helmet.[3] Her costume has gone through several re-branding and redesign attempts but nothing has been satisfactory yet.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Good grasp of tactics and leadership.

Charley is capable of generating a inertia manipulating field around her that has a controlled series of effects. One permutation dampens inertia, protecting and slowing things in the area, another accelerates them to prompt faster, less controlled movement. She can affect herself independently of this general effect, with some benefits of a dampening effect to protect her alongside the benefits of an acceleration to give her speed. She can be selective in it's application.[1].

Aura effect manipulates inertia in radius around herself, with positive bias for herself.[4] She was able to slow down Tanya who was rated as a Brute.

Auroch's field disrupts energy and machinery, which tends to fail or work intermittently within her field.[1] It's use visibly distorts light around it.[5] Charley is a second generation cape with her powers being derived from her fathers.



Formerly a resident of Los Angeles with her father, until he died defending Brockton Bay. He then moved in with her mother and mother's boyfriend.

After a seemingly unprovoked nervous breakdown Charley was transferred to Anchorage. [6]


  • The Auroch is a bovine mega-fauna from which all modern cattle descend.



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