Advancing corporate paradigms in a new world

Modus operandi Edit

Getting money from helping out with the community.[1] They have fully embraced the costuming expected of superheroes.[2]

Currently turning a profit,[3] and continuing to prioritize monetary income.[4]

Structure Edit

The team currently stands at five parahumans,[3] the team tries to deal with new parahumans over those with an established background.[5]



Formed after Gold Morning, full history is unknown

Early-Ward Edit

Turned down Victoria Dallon by herself but expressed interest in recruiting her and as well as her sister.[6]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Agreed to provide a discount on services to the Breakthrough.[4]

Participated in retaliation for kidnapping attempt of Lookout and eventually claimed the hunt reward by arresting Hookline and Kitchen Sink.[7]


Name Description
Lark shares leadership, interesting costumes[2]
Dido shares leadership
Spell member of the group.
Unnamed[3] member of the group.
Unnamed[3] member of the group.

Trivia Edit

  • The team name is a portmanteau of Gold's chemical symbol 'Au' (derived from the metals Latin name Aurum) and the word azure; a rare and valued shade of blue.[8]


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