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Luke Brito[2][3] is a member of the Travelers.

Personality Edit

Irony is worked into Ballistic's character, like many of Wildbow's characters. Prior to gaining powers, Luke was friends with all of his teammates and acted as the backbone connecting the other members. However, gaining his powers drove a wedge between him and the rest of the team, and his power itself only lets him destroy.[4]

Appearance Edit

Ballistic wears a square mask and bulky, angular black armor[5], with hard-edged pads and pockets holding various ammunition.[6] Both Taylor[7] and Kid Win[8] describe him as having a build like a football player with his costume on.

Underneath his costume, Luke has a jockish appearance, with short brown hair, a snub nose, and a bit of a brow; Taylor calls him "not bad looking."[9]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Luke is one of the offensive powerhouses of the Travelers — he has the ability to imbue any inorganic object he touches, from ball bearings to automobiles, with kinetic energy,[2] causing it to go flying at a bullet-like speed in a direction of his choice.[10][11]

He does not have to limit himself to small objects, as he can apply the effect to his and others' clothes and to large objects like cars.[7]

History Edit

Background Edit

Luke was a member of a professional-level high school video game team on Earth Aleph.

Migration Edit

When the Simurgh attacked Madison, Wisconsin on Earth Bet, she transported several buildings from the same city on Earth Aleph - including the building Luke was in - which left him stranded on Earth Bet with his friends. Luke took a Cauldron vial from a suitcase that Francis Krouse found, giving him powers.

Story Start Edit

Ballistic attended the meeting at Somer's Rock along with the other Travelers to plan how to deal with the ABB.

Trivia Edit

  • Luke used the fake last name Casseus when checking into St. Mary's Hospital soon after being transported to Earth Bet because he needed medical attention.[12]
  • Luke drank the vial with the Cauldron formula E-0-7-1-2, or 'Robin',[13] because he thought it would let him fly.[14]

References Edit

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