Bambina is a young supervillian working alongside Starlet and August Prince.


Bambina has a rather lewd personality, talking about how she would love to have Pretender body snatch celebrities to make them do illicit sexual activities with her. She's extremely violent, threatening to torture Weaver in explicit detail, making her teammates flinch.[2]

She left a negative impression on Parian.[3][4]

Bambina's mother received money from sponsors based on her "rankings", and Bambina committed crimes to make her name more prominent.This would allow her to get deals and back-alley sponsorships. [1][5] When her ratings slipped, she would get in trouble.[2] She would time her attacks in order to maximize her reputation and deliberately stall to be sure she was recorded and got credit for it.


Bambina is described as looking around eight years old with curly hair and dimpled cheeks. She wore an old-fashioned frock.[3] She ages more slowly than normal.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bambina has the ability to launch herself at high speed and bounce off surfaces, and create explosions of fire on contact. She can bounce without creating explosions, or create explosions without bouncing. She can't bounce on water.[2]

Even without exploding, her kicks were sufficient to toss a man across a room hard enough to incapacitate him and to shift one of Dragon's craft.[2]

In addition, Bambina has a slowed aging rate;[2] Weaver referred to her as a "pseudo-child".[7]



She claimed to have faced an Endbringer before,[8] and has murdered several people.[9]

Story StartEdit

Bambina participated in the battle against Leviathan in Brockton Bay.[3] She dropped out when it became clear her power wasn't much use.[10]


She got into trouble with her mother, because Weaver's slaying of Alexandria took all the attention away from a crime she committed at around the same time.[2]

She and her team of child villains were hired by Pretender and the Las Vegas Protectorate to free him, in exchange for large amounts of money and a favor with unspecified restrictions.[2]

She and her entire team were taken into the Protectorate's custody.[11]


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