Barker is a supervillain.


Barker has a highly abrasive personality. Possible to the point of oppositional defiant disorder [1] Claims to be fearless[2].To the point of challenging Bitch's authority[3], which is almost suicidal.


Barker is described as being an inch or two shorter than Skitter with his hair and beard cut short enough that his brown skin showed more then his dark hair, he had tattooing around his mouth that depicted a mess of sharp teeth penetrating the skin of his cheeks and lips[2]. His eyes seem overly large for his face, with heavy lids and folds around them that made him look older. His 'costume' consisted of a black sleeveless t-shirt, and jeans[3].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Barker is capable of turning any sound he creates into a gas, which he can in turn convert into concussive explosions, temperature, etc. Prolonged use of his power makes his throat become sore, suggesting that there is a limit of how long or how many times he can use his power. Converts utterances to an energy that can then be converted into a variety of effects, including concussive force and flame.

Converts utterances to an energy that can then be converted into a variety of effects, including concussive force and flame.[4]

In his battle against a Dragon suit, Barker used his power to create a concussive force that caused it to stumble.

He is resistant[1] to effects generated by his own powers, but not immune as repeated uses caused Barker's throught to get sore.



Barker is Biter's partner, they showed up in Brockton Bay to fight the Endbringer that appeared there.[5]

Barker was hired by Coil to assist Bitch, he grated under her leadership. He also ended up on the wrong side of Skitter when demonstrated his power at her request her.[3]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

He acquitted himself admirably against the Dragon suits. The nascent Sons of Bitch would effect a strategic retreat form the conflict.


While Barker went to Earth Gimel with the Sons of Bitch, he did not stay long, he may have had issues with living off of Buffalo. The super-villain would go on to find less-than-steady employment as a henchman and lieutenant for various low-level villains before Gold Morning, being an abrasive asshole and doing himself no favors in the process.

Golden MorningEdit

During Golden Morning, he was briefly a body on the side of the humanity, against his will as many were under Khepri. Against all odds and reason he survived, though he chose not to wear the yellow icon on his sleeve as many did.[6]


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