Barrow is the leader of Lost Garden.


Charismatic enough to draw several young teen aged parahumans to himself.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Barrow slowly replaces the environment around himself with an otherworldly forest. He cannot move beyond the effect of his power, but he can extend its radius by standing at the perimeter of it.[1] After he leaves the area reverts to normal.

Has some extra senses as he started to move towards the Brockton Bay Portal well before it was made public.[citation needed]



Early life and history unknown.


When Taylor Hebert finished with the folder about the Adepts, she moved on to the file about the Lost Garden and Barrow. Tattletale's notes in the file suggested that he was moving towards Brockton Bay and had since the conclusion of the fight against an S-Class threat.[3]

He later sent people after the Undersiders while also having them clear a path for him. [4]

Not mentioned after the timeskip.

Early WardEdit

Mentioned as one of main villainous influencers.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Barrow has several means but the most pertinent one here is when used to describe an ancient burial mound, what are also known as kurgans or tumuli.
  • Amusingly, a Barrow pig can describe a male swine that has been castrated before it has reached sexual maturity.


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