Bastion is the leader of the San Jose Protectorate team.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bastion is capable of creating a variety of force fields and deflector fields.

Likly had a clairvoyant awareness of whatever affected his fields.


Someone used a cell phone to catch Bastion using the word ‘spic’ several times as he yelled at a kid who only wanted to take his picture.

Bastion was transported to Brockton Bay to help fight against Leviathan. He studiously ignored Kaiser, who was standing nearby, staring at him, taunting him without speaking or doing anything. [1]

Later, Bastion was put in charge of the capes that had an ability to interfere with Leviathan's movements. He interrupted Legend, shouting, before he worked alongside his new team to create a layer of forcefields around the front and back windows[2].

He reinforced a building with his forcefields until Dragon warned him that the building could collapse through the armband he was wearing. Leviathan lunged through the side of the building and Bastion's forcefields before Bastion trapped him. He told Vista to 'do it' on while creating more forcefields as Leviathan broke through them. Eventually, she complied and brought the building down on him and Leviathan, killing him[3].

References Edit


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