Battery is a member of the Brockton Bay Protectorate.


Battery describes herself to Doctor Mother as serious and willing to work hard. This effort carried over to her career as a hero. Refuel going above and beyond the call of duty. Taylor considered her the type of hero to model herself after.[2]

Relationships Edit

Ethan Edit

Ended up marrying the reason she became a hero in the first place.

Legend Edit

Worked under him during her time in the Wards. Trusted him enough to confess her darkest secrets to.


Battery was between 5'3" and 5'4".[3] She wore a white and dark grey costume with circuit-like metallic blue lines on it, which glowed when she used her power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Battery has the ability to charge up her power and then release it to give herself a large boost to her speed with a corresponding, smaller boost to her strength and some electromagnetic powers. It is a physiological change, altering her biology and then altering it back before it becomes too much on her body. The actual act of moving at great speeds is an incredible strain on her body.

She can also generate an electromagnetic field that allows her to move metal objects.

Armsmaster created his bug-zapper attachment by studying her power, as well as a specialized EMP.[1]



Battery is the daughter of a detective who was tired of seeing the work put into apprehending villains put into waste by Madcap. She was contacted by Cauldron while she was shopping for tinker-made equipment and agreed to a meeting to discuss buying powers from them. She then worked out a deal for superpowers she couldn't afford in exchange for a doing a total of three favors.[4]

During her first encounter with Madcap, her powers failed and she was defeated in one attack. Upon returning to Cauldron, she was told that she couldn't afford them helping her learn how to use her powers. Doctor Mother said that they would like her to join the Wards and graduate to the Protectorate as soon as possible as one of the favors she owed.[4] Battery accepted and would go on to lead the Brockton Bay Wards for a brief period before she graduated to the Protectorate.[2]

With assistance from Legend, Battery was successful in capturing Madcap on her eighth encounter with the supervillian. Madcap convinced them that he would be more valuable as a member of the Protectorate instead of being sent to the Birdcage. In exchange for his service and agreement to having countermeasures put into place, he was allowed two concessions; a new identity and that he would always be on the same team as Battery. Her reluctant agreement began her partnership with Assault.[4]

Cauldron called in their second favor during a storybook reading Battery had convinced Assault to attend in exchange for the possibility of a date. A client wanted a known cape to deliver their product which she accomplished with no regrets.[4]

Story Start Edit

Rose to become a well respected hero by the public.[2]


The third favor took place during the Slaughterhouse Nine's visit to Brockton Bay following Leviathan's attack on the aforementioned city. Cauldron ordered her to ensure Shatterbird and the Siberian left the city alive due to their status as Cauldron Capes with useful abilities. She decided against it.[5]

After agnosia miasma was deployed Battery found herself seperated from her group and began tracking three individuals. This led to her death at the arms of Bonesaw's spider minions after being abandoned by Skitter.

She made a full confession of her life and actions to her mentor Legend while she was painfully dying. Legend was, unknown to her, part of the Cauldron conspiracy and told no one.[5]


  • Her name references an electrical Battery because of the way she stores and then uses her power.
    • Assault threatened to call her "Puppy" unless she agreed to let him use the name Assault. She was upset because it subverted her name by connecting it to the crime of Battery.
  • Battery is sometimes erroneously given the name "Jamie". This was an alias she used when interacting with Cauldron[4]. Specifically, "Jamie" is "the name her parents had been planning to give her baby sister".

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