Coil's Betrayal

Battle against Echidna


June 20, 2011[1]



Echidna killed, Triumvirate discredited, Irregulars formed

Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Trickster (captured)
  • Full fatalities otherwise

Battle against Echidna marks the battle between the assembled Protectorate forces and Echidna and her clones.

Prelude Edit

The Simurgh attacked Madison, Wisconsin. This led directly to the Travelers being transported to Earth Bet.

Battle Edit

The battle had two stages, the first in the city of Brockton Bay.

After being trapped in the remains of Coil's base, the heroes were given a brief respite before Echidna returned, augmented by the mass from Bitch's dogs.

Aftermath Edit

Eidolon's clone effectively discredited the Triumvirate, revealing their association with Cauldron. Contessa continued to silence people who were present at this event and spoke out about this for some time afterward. The Irregulars broke away from the Protectorate as a result of this revelation.

References Edit