Rey Andino[3], known publicly as Blasto, is an independent villain operating in the Boston area.


Blasto is very anti-establishment and withdrawn from society, although he does not hate it. He even had aspirations of meeting a woman who appreciated his "art" (his creations), settling down and having children. He is quite laid-back; this may be due to smoking marijuana regularly.[4]

He is wary and skeptical of others, expecting traps at any moment from Accord, confident in his abilities and appreciates the work of other tinkers, such as Dragon. However, he had grown used to substandard equipment, and was excited at the prospect of a real lab.[4]

He has no problem with dutifully executing those of his creations which are doomed to fail.[4] At one point, he tried composing a pseudo-endbringer using tissue samples from both Myrddin and the Simurgh, which is something that Bonesaw later admits that "she's not even crazy enough to do".[4]



He was in an on-again/off-again relationship with Rotten Apple; his disappearance and death affected her deeply.[5]


Blasto was of presumably average height, being taller than accord, with brown hair. He generally wore a fungus-based biological masks.[6] Early in his career these would be more like a typical mask completely obscuring his face. Later he was able to refine it so it mimicked the texture and appearance of a normal face.[7][3][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Blasto is a "wet" tinker, often working with plants, fungi and animals to create weaponized hybrids, which he uses to wreak havoc upon his enemies, using pheromones to control them.[1][3]

He can create life-forms using raw materials, such as a lab assistant, a pseudo-endbringer and other, non-specified hybrids. He deliberately makes his creations sterile, as he was warned that self-replicating beings would constitute an S-Class threat which would mean a kill order for him.[4]



Blasto was one of the only kids in his town to go to medical school. It created a rift between him and his family and friends. He was too 'uppity' to belong anywhere at home and too much of a welfare case to get acceptance from school peers or professors. Caught between the two, he saw both realities crumble. His father was sent to jail, his brother targeted, his sister at risk with no one to protect her, while the doctor he was interning for ignored him and effectively sabotaged him. He triggered.

After Blasto triggered, he threw himself into his work.[8].

Boston GamesEdit

Blasto and his girlfriend, Rotten Apple, started growing their own 'green'-themed faction, Blastgerm, for the sake of increasing their influence during the power vacuum.

They quickly made an enemy out of Accord by rudely declining his plans and being generally distasteful.[9]

Blasto's HQ was the second target of Damsel of Distress. After installing some much needed ventilation in the building, she agreed to keep their messy secret in exchange for Blastgerms assets.[10]

Made a green giant, that scared at least a half of the city, without doing much of anything.[11] Blasto was somehow able to weave into giant some power expression, so it would have enough durability to move.[12] Blasto explained that it served mostly as a symbol of his claim on South Boston.[13] It was destroyed by Damsel on her way out of Boston.[14]

Story StartEdit

Blasto was the crime lord of East Allston since April 2009. He had committed second-degree murder and was noted for mass property damage during his crimes. He was enemies with Accord,[15] Spree and Chain Man.[4]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

After Blasto's lab was destroyed, ostensibly by remnants of the Empire Eighty-Eight, Accord proposed a peace. In exchange for a cessation of hostilities and part of Blasto's territory, Accord provided an equipped laboratory with various samples of highly classified material. [4]

However, disaster struck when Bonesaw and Damsel of Distress showed up, trying to weaponize tinker's works, in order to move the apocalypse along. Defiant then tried to kill Bonesaw, and did kill Damsel. Bonesaw then took control of Blasto's body, gathered all the various DNA samples from past members of the Slaughterhouse Nine, and left, still in control of his body.

He finally died under torture in the Slaughterhouse 9's private world.


  • Blasto comes from Blastocyst, a mammalian blastula in which some differentiation of cells has occurred.


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