The Boardwalk was a location in Brockton Bay, running north-to-south along the beach, east of the Docks.

Geography/Description Edit

The Boardwalk was "where the tourists came". It was one of the nicest parts of town, and Taylor's parents always told her to "stick to the Boardwalk". There were shops that sold dresses for over a thousand dollars, cafes with ludicrously expensive coffees and stretches of wooden walkways and beaches where tourists could get a great view of the ocean. From pretty much any point on the Docks, you could see one of Brockton Bay’s landmarks, the Protectorate ENE Headquarters.

Although it was near some rough neighborhoods, it had private security that took a draconian approach to enforcement, leading to an absence of crime, but making it a hostile environment for anybody who didn't look sufficiently high-class to be a legitimate visitor or shopper there.

History Edit

It took a bad hit from the attack of Leviathan, leaving it unusable; efforts to rebuild it began almost immediately, but were hampered by the series of other problems the city endured. For a time, it was in the territory of Skitter. After the economic boom caused by the opening of the interdimensional gateway in the city, it was rebuilt. However, the "end of the world" came soon afterward, once again wrecking it.


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