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Bohu is one of the Twins, an Endbringer.


Bohu is a tower-like Endbringer, at nearly a quarter of a mile tall. She adopts the appearance of a feminine tower, spearing into the sky, gaunt and thin to the point where her head is five times taller than its diameter.  Her body widens as it reaches towards the ground, reaching into it, extending roots and melding into the landscape.  Her hair is described as heavy and immobile. She has glowing eyes apparently bright enough to shine through cloud cover, and her face is described as gaunt and expressionless.

Bohu moves with a grinding advance that leaves bulldozed terrain in her wake.  Overlapping rings marks the area she travels, as she continues to switch through her cycles, altering the terrain, raising walls, creating traps and deadfalls, and generating architecture. Bohu is the largest Endbringer in height and size.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like all Endbringers, Bohu is essentially invulnerable, immensely strong, and heals very rapidly.

Bohu can assimilate into a city and then control and shape everything in her radius. She follows a strict pattern, although this appears to be a deliberate, self-imposed limitation, given the lack of restrictions Bohu displays fighting Scion during the Golden Morning.  The city is altered in twenty-four minute intervals. First, miniature replicas of Bohu appear, producing barriers, walls, pillars, blocking apertures and other inconvenient features. The next phase, occurring gradually over the next ten minutes, will produce deadfalls, pitfalls, and/or a flattening of terrain. Following that, more complex mechanical traps appear, after which point the cycle repeats. She attacks with spikes as she enters each phase. On occasion, she feigns an inability to use her spikes. This is presumably because she is deliberately not using the full extent of her power to avoid an overwhelming victory.

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