Breed is a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine, one of the founding members.


Breed is described as as fairly normal looking man in appearance, the original Breed may have looked different but had no identifying features.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Breed has the ability to create trilobite-like parasites that become more dangerous in time,[2] they emerge at about the size of a lemon from his orifices.[1] The original Breed may have had greater control over his 'Bugs' or may have been able to release more of them at one time.[3][4][5]


They are described as being like trilobites. Thanks to their small size they can lurk in spots where they can get access to orifices, sites of injury, or corpses. Then burrow inside, wait until the target is still and quiet for an hour or two, paralyze the target, and emit pheromones to call their fellows to them. They devour the target from the inside out, molt once or twice as they digest the fats and proteins they ate, then find a new target. In a process that takes one to two weeks, depending on the availability of food sources, the creatures will reach the size of a full-grown human being. After this they’ll do two or three major molts with big physical changes, gaining some natural weapons, including a shotgun spit that releases pellets that dissolve as a flesh-melting acid.[3]

Despite their insectoid appearance, they're unable to be sensed or controlled by Weaver.[3]

They are sentient but not sapient, ignoring hard targets and going after the more prone prey. They feed exclusively on humans,[6] but they would attack non-edible targets to remove a threat.[7][1]

Parasite Life-CycleEdit

Stage Size Details
Larva 'Lemon' Slick carapace and can fold up into them selves continue to grow
Nymph Man sized Claws get bigger and can attack things easily
Imago Even Larger acid spray, other 'goodies'[3]



Breeder was one of the founding members of the Slaughterhouse Nine under King.[8]

The original Breed presumably died the building he was in fell to heavy ordinance. As the bugs stopped appearing afterward, all evidence pointed to one of the burned corpses left over was Breed.[9][1]


Nine clones of him were made as part of an effort to create soldiers to bring about the End of the World,[10] one hybrid was also made.[11]

Several instances were present at a hostage situation.


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