Butcher is the chosen name for the possessive entity which acts as a leader of the Teeth.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Butcher I had increased strength and durability, a ranged agony-infliction aura potent enough to induce cardiac arrest, and the ability to transfer a watered-down version of his powers to his killer, making them the next Butcher.

Had any Butcher been killed by the Simurgh, the Simurgh would not inherit their minds. Butcher's powers would likely go to the nearest available parahuman - given the Simurgh, probably someone inconvenient.[1]

A succession of fourteen different parahumans have added their own abilities and minds to Butcher. In addition to granting more powers, the Butchers' minds will drive anyone insane who does not align with the Teeth. For example, Butcher III was driven mad for being a hero.

Butcher XV is likely to have access to the following powers:

  • The ability to cause excruciating pain at range and increased durability (I).
  • Superhuman strength (I, III, VI, IX, XI, XIII).
  • The ability to see hearts, veins and arteries even through walls (II).
  • Short-range danger sense against physical attacks (III).
  • The ability to cause festering wounds (IV).
  • Short-ranged explosive teleport (VI).
  • The ability to reshape unrefined matter into objects (VIII).
  • The ability to cause mindless rage at short range.
  • Immunity to pain (XII).
  • The ability to always hit with a ranged attack as long as the target is within range (XIV).
  • The ability to influence emotions at range (XV).


Butcher IEdit

Possesses super-human strength and durability. Has the ability to inflict pain at a distance. The pain is so intense as to induce cardiac arrest.

Butcher IIEdit

Can see cardiovascular systems through walls. First Butcher to inherit powers.

Butcher IIIEdit

Possesses a danger-sense against attacks, as well as super-strength. As a hero, he killed Butcher Two. The two voices of the previous Butchers in his head eventually drove him mad,  triggering him to engage in a suicidal attack against the Teeth.

Butcher IVEdit

Inflicts wounds that fester.

Butcher VEdit


Butcher VIEdit

Explosive teleportation and superhuman strength. Leaves explosions at the site of teleportation. 

Butcher VIIEdit


Butcher VIIIEdit

Reforms matter. Can shape unrefined matter into objects.

Butcher IXEdit

Super strength. Can induce mindless rage.

Butcher XEdit


Butcher XIEdit

Superhuman strength.

Butcher XIIEdit

Feels no pain and has extremely durable skin. 

Butcher XIIIEdit

Super strength. Killed in a drawn-out fight in New York city by Butcher 14's arrows.

Butcher XIVEdit

A tall, elegant, woman, with a long neck and long limbs. Her costume has an Asian feel to it, and is trimmed with razor-sharp blades. Her costume is also busy, displaying elements of samurai, headhunter, and bloodletter, but not necessarily elements that portray her as "Butcher." Her attacks bend space to create perfect accuracy, never missing a target within range. Among her weapons is a massive bow, requiring her inherited super-strength to draw. Killed herself because of the suicidal despair created by Cherish in a fight against the Undersiders.

Butcher XV (Current Butcher)Edit

Cherish. Influences emotions at range. After Cherish became the new Butcher, Tattletale hired workers to move Cherish's pod from the waters near Brockton Bay to a more remote location. Tattletale speculates that Butcher 15 will only get a chance to kill fish, and joked that maybe Leviathan will pass by and kill himself. 


  • There is speculation that the original Butcher's powers came from Cauldron, given that one of the vials powers mentioned to have been tested included "a power that allows one to take over a nearby parahuman’s mind, body and powers automatically on death".[2] However, given that even in the hypothetical world without the Cauldron still exist "Butcher Queen", this most likely wrong.[3]


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