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Date posted February 14, 2012
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Buzz 7.9 is the ninth chapter of Buzz. New Wave vs Purity (plus guests), introduction of Night, Crusader and Fog.


The UndersidersEdit

New WaveEdit

Empire Eighty-EightEdit


  • Worm wiki will neither confirm nor deny that there is a reward for the original chapter of Buzz 7.9.
  • This chapter was rewritten due to Wildbow being unhappy with the quality. The canonicity of the chapter ties into meta revelations made later in the story.[1][2][3]

References Edit

  1. There’s only been one similar incident since I began Worm: one chapter (7.9) was a little too frantic and description heavy. I pulled an all-nighter to rewrite it before the remainder of my readers woke up in the morning and saw it, joking that it was canon. (See 8.8 for why) - Worm FAQ
  2. I changed events for two reasons. The first is that I know from experience that I get really bored and frustrated if I do sweeping edits and/or rewrite a segment of story with the exact same events. The second will become apparent later – I’m simply having some fun with the mistake.
    There’s no change to actual powers, here. The previous chapter is canon in many respects. - [htt Excerpt from comment] by Wildbow on Buzz 7.9
  3. Krieg used his power in the first 'lost chapter' - the chapter which (now) opens with Brian's chest getting stitched up after fighting Cricket. I wrote it at a point in time when I was pretty damn busy (IIRC, end of last semester at University?) and preoccupied (end of last semester at University?) and I rushed it. It came out rushed, a lot of conflict that made no sense. I pulled an all-nighter to rewrite it before the sun came up.

    That chapter doesn't exist anywhere except in the email notifications and minds of the earliest Worm adopters. Before anyone says "Death of the Author", remember: it is canon. In the last chapter of Arc 8 before the interlude, Lisa talks about Coil's power - and how the events of the lost chapter were merely lost as a Coil altworld. - Wildbow on Spacebattles