Califa de Perro is a cape of unknown allegiance operating in South America.


Califa de Perro wears leather arm bracers with fur tufts near the elbows, a canine mask that canines the upper half of his face and extends forward and a mount at his waist of a canine's face. He oils his body, and has perfect teeth.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Califa de Perro has enhanced strength and agility that are further augmented with point blank aerokinesis.[2] He is also presumably knowledgeable in the use of a massive spear.[1]





Stood against the new Endbringer when it came to South America.[1]


It is unknown if he came into contact with Leet when the tinker and his friends visited South America.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

At the beginning of Gold Morning the King of Dogs was invited by Cauldron along with Adalid to a meeting to find a solution.[4]


  • While his name is said by Taylor to mean "King of Dogs", it's important to note that its actual translation would be "Caliph of Dog". It is unknown why Califa decided to go with the singular form of perros, or whether the choice of 'caliph' points toward anything about the Dog King's background.


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    Califa de Perro, King of Dogs, howled and joined the fight, ready to capitalize on the success. In the same instant, I sensed my bugs being eliminated. Not dying, per se, but being eradicated from existence. The ones who’d been following after the column had been caught inside.

    It hadn’t changed direction. It had stopped, in preparation for a change in direction. I didn’t even have to look to see Khonsu’s target. I caught an earring of the King of Dogs with my silk, tugged. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
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