Lawrence Batson nickname "L.B.", known to the public as Cask, is a member of the Anchorage Protectorate.


He is described as a tall and wide man who keeps a full beard.

In costume he wears armor patterned after a keg, an alternate name for his namesake.[2]


Lawrence has been described as somewhat reserved and uninvolved socially. He is also when spoken to, and professional in demeanor. He is strictly non-combat in all but the most dire situations, he elects to use his capabilities to assist teammates and mend injuries.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lawrence can produce chemical batches to increase strength, flexibility, resistance to toxins, resistance to the elements, resistance to harm, reflexes, or focus. He can also produce chemical batches to restore damaged tissues and prompt rapid cellular growth. One dose is a minimum of 1.33 liters, administered orally, limiting the speed consumption, emergency application and the number of successive doses that can be given.

With his power, he can treat a physical ailment with regular consumption of a durability-increasing admixture, and can be considered to be a low level Brute-class cape at any given time, as a consequence.[1] It should be noted that he still suffers from the ailment, and if at anytime he should stop drinking his own mixtures he will began suffering from it again.[3]

Created his own language for notation purposes when working on his formula.[citation needed]

With the proper readings and research beforehand Cask can brew a draft that when imbibed temporarily nullifies the specific parahumans abilities. These drafts only effect that specific parahuman.[4] It is unknown how a draft would effect a parahuman with a related power would be effected.



Triggered while trying to find a cure for his aliment. He only found a way to put it off.

Lawrence has been a member of the Wards and Protectorate since 1998, but maintained a strictly part time position until he finished his college degree. He volunteered for placement in Anchorage because he felt the would be ‘behind’ if he were to take on full duties at a more established department. He also noted, quote, “I like the cold.”


References Edit

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