Cassie, also known by the Parahumans Online username WagTheDog[1], is a devoted member of the Sons of Bitch. [2]


Enthusiastic and dogged in her pursuits and passion, Cassie shows the ability to insert herself into a group and rapidly become indispensable.


Described as 'Biracial'[3] with blue eyes, brown skin and coarse brown hair. Like many in the Sons of Bitch Cassie sometimes accessorizes her outfits with spiked dog collars and similar.

History Edit


Cassie was first seen on Parahumans Online with the username WagTheDog[1], looking for a way to become Bitch's underling. While more difficult then anticipated, Cassie was ultimately successful in joining, receiving a message from Charlotte.

Bitch told Cassie that "she did not have all the answers" nevertheless Cassie was able to convince Bitch to let her into Rachel's 'Gang'.[4]

Cassie takes up residence with Bitch in earth Gimel, performing many indispensable tasks such as cooking, writing letters for Bitch, and taking care of the dogs.[5]

Post-Golden MorningEdit

After the Golden Morning she accompanied Bitch on a mission to retrieve a child taken by its father in a custody dispute.[4]


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