Cassie, also known by the Parahumans Online username WagTheDog[3], is a devoted member of the Sons of Bitch.[4]


Enthusiastic and dogged in her pursuits and passion, Cassie shows the ability to insert herself into a group and rapidly become indispensable.


Rachel Lindt Edit

Near worshiped her in the beginning, this grew into a mutual respect as time went on.

Sunny Edit

Her golden retriever partner in the sons of bitch.


Described as 'Biracial'[1] with blue eyes, brown skin and coarse brown hair. Like many in the Rachels group Cassie sometimes accessories her outfits with spiked dog collars and similar.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Is a competent henchperson with a wide variety of skills, including cooking, animal handling,[2] and letter writing though she wrote in a near scrawl.[6]

History Edit

Background Edit

Unknown if she had a family or if they would even miss her.


Cassie was first seen on Parahumans Online with the username WagTheDog[3], looking for a way to become Bitch's underling. While more difficult then anticipated, Cassie was ultimately successful in joining, after receiving a message from Charlotte. She would eagerly help at the base, preparing food during Skitter's tour around the territories.[4]

Bitch told Cassie that "she did not have all the answers" nevertheless Cassie was able to convince Rachel to let her into the 'Gang'.[7]

Cassie takes up residence with Bitch in earth Gimel, performing many indispensable tasks such as cooking, writing letters for Bitch, and taking care of the dogs.[8]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

After the Gold Morning she accompanied Bitch on a mission to retrieve a child taken by its father in a custody dispute.[7]

References Edit

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