The Case 53s are capes that were artificially created by Cauldron and exhibit physical deformities or unnatural differences as a side-effect of the process that granted them their parahuman abilities.

Case 53 is a PRT designation. According to Wildbow, case numbers indicate issues that the PRT would want to look into further. Also according to Wildbow, other, earlier PRT case numbers included:

  • A hostage incident
  • Major financial malfeasance (ie. using Thinker powers to scam the system)
  • Behemoth
  • Tracking incidents with a pattern suggesting a given Stranger
  • The first parahuman gangs
  • Tinker item X found in the marketplace
  • Suspected sources of powers
  • The Dealer , reported to be selling powers via. vials (Cauldron offshoot)
  • Scion
  • [Redacted] information regarding visions of [redacted] during a trigger event, written in a dream journal.
  • First few class S threats
  • Narwhal's second trigger.
  • Creatures found in an area, later discovered to be Master minions.


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