Legend claimed that it was too large to explore in one lifetime.[1] Wings of the structure were on separate continents, linked only by the Doormaker.[2] When Battery took a GPS device to the complex, it showed that she was around the Ivory Coast, on the west coast of Africa.[3][4]Doctor Mother's headquarters was located in a different building to the basements and Number Man's office.[2]

Overall, the decor tends toward a plain, spartan white. Most areas have a white tiled floor and white-painted walls. It was completely, eerily spotless.[2][3]

In the hallways the ceiling was all glass, hiding a smooth distribution of fluorescent lights that made it all glow evenly. There were innumerable matching doors, and no windows.[3] They were brightly lit.[5]

There was at least one "interview room" used for Cauldron customers. There was a desk of white marble with a white leather chair, and two plastic chairs facing the desk. A modestly sized monitor sat at one corner of the desk, with a compact keyboard placed in front of it, and no mouse, used for displaying diagrams. One drawer contained a binder listing the details of various vials. Again, there were no windows.[3] Doctor Mother had another interview room, one with a window, desk, and chairs.[2]

Somewhere in the compound there was equipment for blood tests, stress tests, MRI, CAT scan, radiographic scans and "Torsten DNA sequencing".[3]

Main BuildingEdit

The part of the building containing prisoners in the basement and Eden was eighty-eight stories tall.[6]

Number Man's office was the same white as the rest of the facility. On one wall there was a large print of the Golden Mean in gold against black paper, with mathematical notation surrounding it. On the other, Dali's Crucifixion, blown up to one-and-a-half times the size; behind it was an alcove containing his old costume. The rear wall was a floor-to-ceiling window, which Doormaker caused to open onto other Earths, changing it regularly. It had touch screen computers he used to redistribute money. There were no chairs, Number Man having judged them to be a threat. It was located in a building that only Contessa and the Custodian normally had access to; the same building as the basement levels.[2]

The basement levels weren't white. It had heavy metal doors separating it from the rest of the facility. The floors were dark gray tile, and there were windows and fluorescent lighting. The basement levels contained cells for Case 53s, with large metal plates on the walls engraved with their serial numbers. These areas were rebuilt to prevent the Simurgh opening another portal to them.[2]

Some of the cells didn't appear to have doors,[5] just three walls and a white line along the floor,[2] but the individuals within were all too aware of the dangers of moving or using powers beyond the perimeters of their cells.[2][5] Others had windows to keep the occupants within,[2] they also had various furnishings for comfort.[7]

The first basement level contained new test subjects on the left, and long-term staff members in larger, isolated cells on the right.[2] The second basement level contained 2048[2] Case 53 prisoners.[8]

The third floor basement contained "interesting" powers, which Cauldron was researching.[2][8] Their cells were more spacious and isolated, and they were given a name.[2]

The fourth floor basement contained parahumans whose transformation had been "abstract", much like a typical deviant but without their shards having used patterns taken from plants, animals or objects to reinforce the damaged host. These cells were huge, and far apart in the dark basement. Countermeasures for their powers were maintained in the space between cells. Showers were provided, but few partook of them, the isolation taking it's toll.[2]

The Meeting HallEdit

Created for the Khonsu Meeting and for subsequent events.[9] Allegedly located on an alternate earth to make it easier to force people to move.


Points of InterestEdit

  • Vial Storehouses and Vaults [10]
  • Panic Room - a room in a column of steel, which could be lowered into the ground.[8]



First created in the early 1980s, then expanded

During the 2010 Simurgh assault on Madison a large amount of materials for the compound were transported to the Earth Bet.[11] This included Vials meant to be delivered to customers[10] and several deviants.[12]


A new addition was revealed, a building for which the great parahumans powers could meet, discuss, coordinate and hopefully save the world for the second time.[13]

Gold MorningEdit

It was planned to launch and coordinate most of Cauldron's plans from this location.[8]

Was attacked by The Irregulars and Zion. Certain sections became temporarily inaccessible with Doormaker's incapacitation.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

The building has been seized by Teacher and his Group.[14]


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