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This page is for tracking the status of every notable character as of the end of the story. This is probably every cape mentioned through the story although it likely to be missing capes who are only mentioned once or twice; many of the entries could use more information to be absolutely complete. Some of the names are from capes killed by Leviathan during the Extermination arc or are otherwise minor characters and are included for completeness's sake. Work in progress.


Civilian Name Power Classification Alignment Group Status Notes
Accord Thinker Villain Ambassadors Dead Killed by Cody
Acidbath Breaker/Changer (Blaster, Striker & Mover Sub powers) Villain
Acoustic Dead Killed by Leviathan (8.3)
Adalid Hero? South American; 'hero to the people'
Adamant Striker/Brute Hero Protectorate Alive
Aegis Carlos Mover, Brute Hero Wards Dead Killed by Leviathan
Agnes Court Shaker Villain The Elite Dead Killed by Leviathan (28.5)
Alabaster Breaker Villain Empire Eighty-Eight Dead (Time distortion) Literally white-skinned; killed by Leviathan
Alexandria Rebecca Costa-Brown Mover, Brute,Thinker 6 Hero Protectorate Dead Killed by Skitter
Allfather Richard Anders Blaster Villain Empire Eighty-Eight Dead
Ampelos Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
- Andrew Richter Tinker Dead Killed by Leviathan
- Annette Rose Hebert - - - Dead
Animos Changer/Trump Villain The Teeth
Annex Kirk Breaker/Shaker Hero Wards Dead Killed by Bohu
Apotheosis Hero Haven Dead Killed by Leviathan
Arbiter Kim Mecham Thinker, Blaster, Shaker Hero Protectorate
Armsmaster Colin Wallis Tinker Hero Protectorate Retired
Ascendant Hero Haven
Ash Beast Breaker Villain Dead S-class threat; killed by Scion (30.5)
Assault Ethan Striker Hero Protectorate Formerly Madcap
Astrologer Hero Protectorate
Athrwys Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
August Prince Master/Stranger Villain
Bakuda Tinker 6 Villain ABB Dead Killed by Lung
Ballistic Luke Casseus Blaster Villain Travelers Alive
Bambina Mover 4, Shaker 4 Villain Child-like
Barker Blaster Villain
Barrow Shaker Villain Lost Garden
Bastion Shaker Hero Mentioned in 8.1
Battery Jamie Mover 4 Hero Protectorate Dead
Bauble Tinker Rogue Toybox
Behemoth - Dynakinesis Endbringer Endbringers Dead Killed by Scion
Big Rig Tinker Rogue Toybox
Bitch Rachel Lindt Master 5 Villain Undersiders Alive
Biter Changer Villain Alive
Black Kaze Mover/Striker Villain
Blasto Rey Andino Tinker Villain Dead
Blesk Case 53
Blowout Striker/Master Hero
Blueblood Villain The Elite
Bonesaw Riley Tinker/Trump Villain Slaughterhouse Nine
Brandish Carol Dallon Striker 5, Changer 1 Hero New Wave
Brazier Hero Protectorate
Breed Master Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Brickhaus Hero Irregulars Case 53
Brigandine Killed by Leviathan
Browbeat Breaker/Brute Hero Wards
Burnscar Mimi Blaster/Mover Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead Killed by Grue
Butcher Brute/Shaker/Trump Villain The Teeth Dead
Cache Shaker Hero Protectorate Alive
Cadence Shaker Villain Tuurngait
Califa de Perro Mentioned in 27.02
Campanile Hero Protectorate
Canary Paige Mcabee Master 8 Rogue - Alive
Carapacitator Hit by Leviathan (8.2)
Carnal Changer Villain Dead
Chain Man
Challenger Hero
Chariot Trevor Medina Tinker (Mover) Hero Wards Alive Secretly working for Coil
Cherish/Butcher XV Cherie Vasil Master/Thinker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Alive Regent's sister
Chevalier Striker Hero Protectorate Alive
Chronicler Mover Hero Wards
Chubster Brute/Shaker Dead Killed by Leviathan
Chuckles Brute/Mover Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Circus Thinker/Striker Villain Alive
Cinderhands Villain
Citrine Shaker/Trump Villain Ambassadors Alive
Clairvoyant Thinker/Striker Cauldron
Clockblocker Dennis Striker Hero Wards Dead Killed by Scion
Cloister Hero Haven Dead Killed by Leviathan
Codex Blaster/Thinker Villain Amabassadors Dead Killed by Butcher
Coil Thomas Calvert Thinker Villain Coil's Organisation Dead Head of Coil's Organisation.
Contessa Fortuna Thinker Villain Cauldron Alive
Cozen Villain Red Hand Alive
Crane the Harmonious Abigail Rowan-Sato Thinker, Mover/Shaker Villain Dead Killed by Scion
Cranial Tinker Tinker Rogue Toybox
Crawler Ned Changer/Brute Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Cricket Melody Jurist Shaker/Thinker Villain Fenrir's Chosen
Crimson Changer/Brute Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
The Crone
Crucible Shaker Hero Wards
Crusader Justin Master Villain The Pure Dead? Trapped in a Gray Boy time loop
Cuff Ava Striker Hero Wards
Custodian Cauldron
Damsel of Distress Ashley Stillions Shaker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
- Danny Hebert - Civilian -
The Dart
Dauntless Striker/Trump Hero Protectorate Dead Killed by Leviathan
The Dealer
Deathadder Villain
Defiant Colin Wallis Tinker Hero Guild Alive Formerly Armsmaster
Diamones Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Dispatch Brute, Shaker, Mover Hero Protectorate
- Dinah Alcott Rogue Alive
Dobrynja Mischa Villain Dragonslayers Wears a suit based on Dragon's Pythios model
Doctor Mother - None Villain Cauldron Dead
Dodge Tinker Rogue Toybox
Doormaker Mover Cauldron Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Dovetail Mover/Shaker Hero Protectorate
Dragon n/a Tinker Hero Guild Alive Artificial Intelligence
Echidna Noelle Meinhardt Master 10, Striker 10, Brute 8, Changer 2 Villain Travelers Dead S-class threat
Eden - Omnipotent Entity - Dead Killed by Contessa; source of powers
Edict Master
Eidolon David Trump Hero Protectorate Dead? Killed by Scion
Eligos Blaster Villain The Fallen
- Emily Piggot None n/a Protectorate
- Emma Barnes Civilian
Epoch Villain The Adepts Leader of the Adepts
The Erudite Mavis Shoff Dead Killed by Leviathan
Escutcheon Tyrone Benson Dead Killed by Leviathan
Esoteric Hero
Exalt Hero Protectorate Mentioned in 27.02
Faultline Striker Villain Faultline's Crew Leader of Faultline's Crew
Felix Swoop Villain The Adepts
Fenja Jessica Biermann Breaker/Brute Villain Fenrir's Chosen Dead Sister of Menja, killed by Leviathan
Fierceling Dead Killed by Leviathan
Flashbang Mark Dallon Blaster Hero New Wave
Flechette Lily Striker/Thinker Hero Wards Defected Renamed Foil
Fleur Hero New Wave Dead
- Florence Master Villain Heartbroken Alive
Floret Thinker Hero
Frenetic Dead Killed by Leviathan
Fog Geoff Schmidt Changer, Stranger Villain The Pure Dead? Trapped in a Gray Boy time loop
Foil Lily Striker/Thinker Villain Undersiders Formerly Flechette
Furrow Dead Killed by Leviathan
Gallant Dean Stansfield Blaster Hero Wards Dead
Galvanate Trump Villain
Garotte PRT/Cauldron designation for Sveta
Gauss Hero Protectorate
Gavel Striker Vigilante Dead Killed by Scion
Genesis Jess Changer 9 Villain Travelers Wheelchair-bound
Gentle Giant Brute Hero Irregulars
Geomancer Tim Mars Dead Killed by Leviathan
Getaway Mover Villain Red Hand
Glace Tinker Rogue Toybox
Glaistig Uaine Ciara Master/Trump Villain Defected
Gleer Thinker Rogue
Glory Girl Victoria Dallon Mover, Brute, Breaker, Shaker Hero New Wave Alive Incredibly altered as a result of Panacea's attempt to heal her
Gloss Hero Alive
Glyph Hero Guild
Golem Theo Anders Shaker/Striker Hero Wards
Good Neighbor Roberto Peets Dead Killed by Leviathan
Grace Katherine Oldershaw Striker Hero Wards
Granka Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Gray Boy Nicholas Shaker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Greenhorn Hero Wards
Gregor the Snail Blaster Faultline's crew Case 53
Grue Brian Laborn Shaker, Trump, Stranger Villain Undersiders Dead Killed by Scion
Gully Shaker Irregulars Case 53; former Ward
Hadhayosh Endbringer Endbringers Dead Original name for Behemoth
Hallow Hero Haven Dead Killed by Leviathan
Halo Michael Walsh Hero Haven
Harbinger Thinker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Retired
Harsh Mistress
Hatchet Face Trump/Brute Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Heartbreaker Nikos Vasil Master Villain
Heith Breaker Villain Empire Eighty-Eight Dead The mother of Kaiser's son Theo
Hellhound PRT designation of Bitch
Hemorrhagia Villain The Teeth
Herald Gordon Eckhart Dead Killed by Leviathan
Hero Tinker Hero Pre-Triumvirate Dead Killed by the Siberian
Hookwolf Brad Meadows Brute/Changer Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead Former leader of Fenrir's Chosen; killed by Foil
Hooligan Villain Alive
Hoyden Striker/Brute Hero Wards Captain of Austin Wards
Humble Dead Killed by Leviathan
Hunch Thinker Hero Wards Case 53
Imp Aisha Laborn Stranger 8 Villain Undersiders Alive
Impel Corey Steffons Dead Killed by Leviathan
Ingenue Trump Villain
Intrepid Hero Wards
Iron Falcon Brent Woodrow Dead Killed by Leviathan
Ironscale Hero Alive
Jacklight Blaster Villain Ambassadors
Jack Slash Jacob Blaster/Thinker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine
- James Tagg n/a Protectorate Dead Third Brockton Bay PRT Director; killed by Skitter
- Jiǎ Tinker Yàngbǎn
Jotun Dead Killed by Leviathan
Jouster Blaster/Striker Hero Wards Killed by Night Hag
- Juliette Villain Heartbroken Alive
Kaiser Max Anders Shaker Villain Empire Eighty-Eight Dead
Kazikli Bey Shaker
- Kevin Norton n/a - - Scion listens to
Khepri Master/Thinker Formerly Weaver/Skitter
Khonsu - Teleportation and time manipulation Endbringer Endbringers
Kid Win Chris Tinker Hero Wards Dead Killed by Scion
King Gabriel Maxberry Striker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead Original leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine
King of Cups Master Hero Suits Dead Killed by Scion
King of Swords Hero The Suits
Kismet Thinker Dead
Knave of Clubs Hero The Suits
Knave of Hearts Hero The Suits
Krieg James Fliescher Shaker/Brute Villain
Kudzu Master
Lab Rat Tinker Villain Dead
Labyrinth Elle Shaker 12 Villain Faultline's Crew
Lady Photon Sarah Pelham Mover, Blaster, Shaker Hero New Wave Dead Killed by Scion
Laserdream Crystal Pelham Mover, Blaster, Shaker Hero New Wave
Leet Tinker Villain Über and Leet
Legend Blaster, Mover, Breaker Hero Protectorate Leader of the Protectorate
Leister Hero Wards
Leonid Thinker, Stranger, Mover Hero Possibly named 'Leonine'
Leviathan - Hydrokinesis Endbringer Endbringers Dead Killed by Scion
Licit Striker Hero
Ligeia Blaster Villain Ambassadors Dead Killed by Behemoth
Lightstar Blaster Hero New Wave Retired
Lizardtail Shaker Villain Ambassadors
Lono Hero
Lucan Villain
Lung Kenta Brute, Blaster, Changer, Mover Villain ABB
Lustrum Breaker Villain
Madcap Ethan Striker Villain
Magnaat Case 53
Mags Margaret Villain Dragonslayers
Mama Bear
Mannequin Alan Gramme Tinker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Manpower Neil Pelham Brute/Breaker Hero New Wave Dead Killed by Leviathan
Mantellum Shaker Case 53
Marquis Shaker, Shifter Villain
Masamune Tinker Hero Guild Can mass-produce Tinker tech
Matryoshka Hero Irregulars Case 53
Menja Nessa Biermann Breaker/Bute Villain Fenrir's Chosen Leader of Fenrir's Chosen; twin sister of Fenja
Miasma Villain Slaughterhouse Nine
Miss Militia Hannah Blaster Hero Protectorate Doesn't sleep
Mister Eminent Dead Killed by Leviathan
Mockshow Olivia Trebilcock Master/Shaker Villain
Moord Nag Master Villain
Mouse Protector Mover Hero Protectorate Dead One of the original Wards
Munstro Case 53
Murder Rat Striker/Mover
Mush Shifter 4 Villain Merchants
Myrddin Shaker/Mover Hero Protectorate Dead Leader of Chicago PRT
Narwhal Shaker Hero Guild Head of the Guild, leader of Toronto Protectorate, can violate the Manton effect, possible Case 53
Nero Villain Alive Also called Persecutor
Newter Striker/Mover Villain Faultline's Crew Case 53
Nice Guy Stranger/Master Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Night Dorothy Schmidt Breaker Villain The Pure Dead? Trapped in a Gray Boy time loop
Night Hag Villain Slaughterhouse Nine
Nilbog Jamie Rinke Master/Trump Villain S-class threat
Nix Stranger/Shaker Hero
Noctis Hero Doesn't sleep
Nonpareil Villain The Elite
Null Trump Yàngbǎn Also known as Zero
Number Man Thinker Villain Cauldron Formerly Harbinger
Nyx Stranger/Shaker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead Case 53
Oaf Wesley Scheaffer Dead Killed by Leviathan
- Oliver
Oni Lee Mover Villain ABB
Othala Striker/Trump Villain Fenrir's Chosen Dead Killed by Scion
Othello Stranger Villain Ambassadors
Panacea Amy Dallon / Amelia Claire Lavere Striker Marquis' daughter
Parian Sabah Master 6 Villain Undersiders Alive Former Rogue
Particulate Tinker
Patrician Villain The Elite
Pelter Stefanie Lamana Dead Killed by Leviathan
Penitent Hero Haven Dead Killed by Leviathan
Perdition Cody Breaker Villain
Pestilence Villain Active in the UK, mentioned in 2.2
Phir Se Breaker Villain Dead Killed by Behemoth
Phoenixfeather Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Photon Mom Sarah Pelham Mover, Blaster, Shaker Hero New Wave Dead Killed by Scion
P̄hū̂ comtī Villain Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Põletama Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Polish Case 53
Prefab Hero Protectorate
Pretender Master/Stranger Hero Wards Former Captain of the Las Vegas Wards; Cauldron-made cape; killed by Scion
Prince of Blades
Prism Sam Master/Brute Hero
Professor Haywire Tinker Villain Dead
Prolapse Villain Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Prophet Changer Dead
Psychosoma Stranger/Master Villain Slaughterhouse Nine
Purity Kayden Anders Blaster, Mover Villain The Pure Dead? Leader of the Pure; trapped in a Gray Boy time loop
Pyrotechnical Tinker Rogue Toybox
Quark Caroline Ranson Dead Killed by Leviathan
Quarrel Villain the Teeth
Queen of Swords Trump Hero The Suits Killed by Scion
Queen of Wands Hero The Suits
Ravine Hero
Raymancer Blaster Hero Wards Dead Killed by Echidna
Reaver Villain The Teeth
Regent Jean-Paul Vasil, Alec Master 8 Villain Undersiders Dead Killed by Behemoth
Resolute Georgia Woo Dead Killed by Leviathan
Revel Blaster/Mover Hero Protectorate Dead Killed by Scion
Rifle Thinker Villain Red Hand
Rime Blaster Hero Protectorate Dead Killed by Behemoth
Romp Olivia Trebilcock Master/Shaker Hero Formerly Mockshow
Rook Villain Red Hand Dead Killed by Scion
Rosary Linda Brown Hero Haven
Roucouler Thinker Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Rune Striker Villain
Sadboy In need of psychiatric care
Saint Geoff Pellick "Tinker 0" Villain Dragonslayers Powers granted by Teacher
- Samuel Thinker Villain Heartbroken Alive
Sanguine Hero Irregulars Case 53
Satyrical Master/Changer Villain Wards,


Saurian Darlene Beckman Dead Killed by Leviathan
Scanner Thinker Teacher, Cauldron Teacher's student
Scapegoat Striker Hero Wards
Scion Omnipotent Entity Dead
Screamer Shaker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Screen Thinker Teacher, Cauldron Teacher's student
Scrub Shaker
Sere Shaker Hero Protectorate
Shadow Stalker Sophia Hess Breaker, Stranger, Mover Hero Wards Former vigilante
Sham Dead Killed by Leviathan
Shamrock Thinker/Shaker Villain Faultline's Crew Case 53 (non-monstrous)
Shatterbird Shaker, Mover, Thinker Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead Killed by Vista
Shén Yù Thinker Yàngbǎn
Shielder Eric Pelham Shaker, Mover, Blaster Hero New Wave Dead Killed by Leviathan
Shuffle Mover Hero Protectorate
The Siberian n/a Brute Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Projection of William Manton
Sifara Thanda
Silkroad Mover/Shaker
The Simurgh - Thinker? Endbringer Endbringers Alive
Skidmark Adam Mustain Shaker Villain Merchants Dead Killed by Jack Slash
Skinslip Changer Villain Slaughterhouse Nine
Skitter Taylor Hebert Master 8

Thinker 2

Villain Undersiders Alive
Sleeper ? ? ? ? Alive S-class threat
Smackdown Jennie Ryan Dead Killed by Leviathan
Snowflake Charlotte Tom Dead Killed by Leviathan
Sphere Former identity of Mannequin
Spire Hero Protectorate
Spitfire Emily Blaster Villain Faultline's Crew
Spree Master Villain The Teeth
Spruce Villain
Spur Thinker
Squealer Sherrel Bailey Tinker Villain Merchants Dead
Stain Villain
Standstill Hero
Stardust Hero Protectorate Dead
Starlet Blaster Villain
Stinger Tinker Villain
Stormtiger Shaker, Thinker, Mover Villain Fenrir's Chosen
Strapping Lad Hero Wards
Strider Craig McNish Mover Hero Dead Killed by Leviathan
String Theory Tinker Villain Dead Killed by Scion
Sumimasen Deshita Hero Sentai Elite
Sundancer Marissa Newland Shaker Villain Travelers
Sveta ? Brute Villain Irregulars Alive Case 53
Tater Tot Case 53
Tattletale Sarah Livsey/ Lisa Wilbourn Thinker 7 Villain Undersiders Alive
Teacher Master/Trump Villain Alive
Tecton Everett Tinker Hero Wards Leader of Chicago Wards
Thane Hero Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Thirteenth Hour Villain The Adepts Formerly a hero: Standstill
The Three Blasphemies ? ? Villain Themselves S-class threat
Time Abtiss Dead Taken by Glaistig Uaine
Toggle Hero Wards
Tohu and Bohu - Endbringer Endbringers Dormant
Topsy Daniel Torres Shaker Villain
Toy Soldier Tinker Rogue Toybox
Trainwreck Tinker Villain Merchants/ Coil's Organization Dead Spy for Coil
Trickster Francis Krouse Mover Villain Travelers Dead Leader of the Travelers, Killed by Scion
Triumph Rory Christner Blaster/Brute Hero Protectorate
Über Thinker Villain Über and Leet
Uglymug Dead Killed by Leviathan
Ursa Aurora Master Hero Protectorate Summons bears
Usher Trump Hero Protectorate
Valefor Stranger


Villain The Fallen
Valkyrie Ciara Master/Trump Hero Alive Formerly Glaistig Uaine
Vantage Brute/Mover Hero Wards Los Angeles Wards Captain
Velocity Robin Swoyer Mover/Breaker Hero Protectorate Dead Killed by Leviathan
Vex Shaker Villain The Teeth
Victor Victor Trump Villain Fenrir's Chosen
Vikare Andrew Hawke Hero Dead
Vista Missy Biron Shaker Hero Wards
Vitiator Dead Killed by Leviathan
Vornehm Hero Meisters
Wanton Breaker, Shaker, Stranger Hero Wards
Watch Thinker, Mover, Striker Villain
WCM Dead Killed by Leviathan
Weaver Taylor Hebert Masker 8, Thinker 2 Hero Wards Alive
Weld n/a Brute/Changer Hero Wards, Irregulars Alive Case 53
Whirlygig Striker
- William Manton Master Villain Cauldron, Slaughterhouse Nine Dead Parahuman-related expert, killed by Dragon
Winter Shaker/Master Villain Slaughterhouse Nine Dead
Young Buck Hero Wards
Ziggurat Tōng Líng Tǎ Shaker Yàngbǎn
Zigzag Bernie Debold and Geoff Schearn Dead Killed by Leviathan
Zion Omnipotent Entity Dead True name of Scion

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