Charlotte was a classmate of Taylor Hebert, later becoming one of Skitter's top lieutenants.


Was shy but generally well adjusted despite the trauma she dealt with.   Was ultimately loyal to Taylor despite initially being scared of her, and deeply regretted failing to help Taylor when she was trapped in the locker.


Charlotte is a dark haired girl and was considered attractive by her peers.

History Edit


Charlotte was Jewish, living in Brockton Bay with her extended family[1]. She attended Winslow High. Charlotte was among the many who witnessed Sophia Hess forcing Taylor Hebert into her own locker, but kept quiet about it.[2]

Story StartEdit

Was just another student at Winslow High


When Leviathan attacked, Charlotte's family was unable to evacuate because her grandfather refused to leave[3]. In the aftermath, Charlotte was captured by the Merchants.[4]

During her attempt to rescue Bryce, Taylor saw Charlotte on display and in a moment of pity persuaded Lisa to order one of her soldiers, Minor, to free her. Charlotte was grateful, but recognized Taylor as "the locker girl" before going into detail about what happened. Taylor was angry, but still decided to let Charlotte come along.[2]

When the Merchant event devolved into a brawl, Charlotte witnessed Taylor and Lisa pass out at the same time as Skidmark and the other capes, and started to become suspicious.[5] After seeing Taylor demonstrate her powers to Newter, her suspicions were confirmed.[6]

Afterwards, Charlotte was recruited by Taylor, the second of Taylor's recruits, later becoming one of her top lieutenants.[7]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Charlotte took to looking after the orphans left in the wake of the Slaughterhouse nine

Gold MorningEdit

looked after the children long term,[8]

Was at the Reunion meeting of the Undersiders months after the Morning ended.[9]

References Edit

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