Cherie Vasil, also known as Cherish, is the daughter of Nikos Vasil, the sister of Jean-Paul Vasil, and a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Cherie has dark hair with a red streak through it, like her brother she was thin and rather attractive.[2]

During the Slaughterhouse Nine's tests, Mannequin had her tattoo her stomach and chest with gigantic, hideous raised tattoos that distorted her body and distracted from her natural beauty. When Jack Slash could think of nothing more to be done during his test he had her go through the other tests again leading her to getting a matching tattoo across her back.


Like her brother, Jean-Paul, Cherie is intelligent and lacks emotional capacity almost to the point of being a sociopath. Unlike her brother she revels in this and has descended into becoming a serial killer.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cherish has the ability to both detect and control emotions. She interprets emotions as a form of "music" that comes from the mind and body of her target with each different emotion having a different "sound". Cherish has displayed the ability to detect people's emotions from across the entire city, both allowing her to track them and allowing her to detect their relationships with each other. When close enough, she can induce emotional states in her targets at will.[2]



Cherie Vasil was born in Montreal, Canada to Nikos Vasil and one of his "wives". At some point, she triggered and then decided to run away in order to escape her father. Her father sent two of her brothers after her who chased her,[2] until she decided to join the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Rather than waiting for a position to open up, Cherish ambushed Hatchet Face, killing him. After this, Cherish had to go through eight tests from the remaining members to join the Slaughterhouse Nine. Mannequin ordered her to get a massive tattoo that would degrade her in other's eyes. Burnscar ordered her to kill a loved one. Siberian presumably did her usual test and chased her for three days, biting off a finger each time she was caught until time was up. Shatterbird stuck her in a blacked out room with a shard of glass following her for an undisclosed period of time. It is unknown what Bonesaw, Crawler or the eighth member's tests were, though it was likely Cherish was forced to attack Crawler with her powers.

When she finally got to Jack Slash's test, he was slightly upset that she was already broken, so his test was to go through the other tests all over again. Bonesaw even revived Hatchet Face for it, and Cherish was forced to kill him again, this time without the advantage of surprise.[3]

Post-Leviathan Edit

Cherish was used by the Nine to locate potential members upon arriving at Brockton Bay. After a less then cordial reunion with her brother she accompanied jack when they had an impromptu meeting with the Undersiders and the Travelers. Her Machinations to subvert and control the Nine were revealed by Tattletale and leaving Cherish fearful for her life. When the Slaughterhouse Nine disposed of the Merchants, Jack did nothing to assuage her of her fears, though he implied that she could earn a reprieve. When Cherish discovered an anonymous stranger amongst the Nine she tried to cut a deal.

After she was captured by The Undersiders, Cherish was held by Coil on an abandoned boat in the Boat Graveyard and interrogated. She later got in touch with Jack, telling him her location and that he was destined to destroy the world.

As they left, the remaining members of the Nine visited her prison, taking their revenge for her treachery. Bonesaw modified her to only sense negative emotions and removed her filters. They then placed her in a prison of Mannequin's design, throwing her into the bay.[4]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Being locked into a state she felt and could influence negative emotions she caused havoc in a small area around the docks. This was brought up in the mayoral debates.[5] Danny told Taylor that the zonbe she was creating was getting in the way of the Dock workers projects.[6][7]

Cherish was later used in the battle against Butcher. The villain was lured into her range, and thanks to the multiple voices inside his head, Butcher was more influenced by her power, committing suicide. Butcher's powers then presumably transferred to her.

Post-Timeskip Edit

Nine Cherish clones were created as a part of the Slaughterhouse 9000. Eight are killed by Dragon,[8] and ninth by Weaver.[9]

Golden MorningEdit

Cherish may have died when the Eastern Seaboard on North America was destroyed.[10] However, no nearby capes are recorded as inheriting Butcher's powers, so she could have survived. On the other hand, she is not mentioned later in the Golden Morning, despite having an extremely useful power.

Fanart Gallery Edit


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