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Chevalier (pronounced “shev-a-leer”)[3] is the leader of the of Philadelphia Protectorate team. He later became leader of the Protectorate after Legend stepped down.


Driven focused, was willing to credit Weaver with the maneuver that turned the tide against Echidna.


Was good friends with Myrddin.[4]

Served with Miss Militia in the inaugural wards team, briefly dated each other in high school.

Narwhal considered him to be too soft.[5]


Chevalier wears a distinctive silver-and-gold armor and wields a cannonblade - a cross between a two-handed sword and a gun.

Just before the events of the Golden Morning he integrated parts of the Simurgh's wing and Behemoths severed foot into his armor and sword. It is unknown if the armors new black and red coloring are from the addition of these parts or if it was an aesthetic choice by Chevalier.

As a child, he wore makeshift armor and carried a club.[6]

Powers and Equipment Edit

Chevalier has the power to combine the properties of several items into one - selectively taking their attributes into his primary weapons.

He can adjust which properties to use on the fly, making his weapons heavier, larger, sharper, etc. when it provides the most benefit. He can enlarge his weapons while they're embedded in something, damaging it.[7] [6] He could apply the properties of one to only a portion of another,[8] take the appearance of one and the properties of another,[9] and manipulate the properties to a point in-between those of two different items he'd combined.[10]

His power is interfered with by some space-warping effects, such as in the core of an Endbringer[6], or Foil's power,[11] causing the individual objects to separate. He needed stamina and concentration to use his power.[6]

His power also grants him the ability to see certain details of other capes' trigger events, or even metaphorical visions of their passengers, as a sort of overlay when he looks at them. People who had had second trigger events had a noticeable intensity to them. The images grew more distinct when people used their powers. Viewing Eidolon's gave him a migraine after long periods.[6]

He habitually used a "cannon-blade", constructed by overlaying multiple swords with identical cannons built in; and a suit of armor. Both were specially constructed so that the different versions matched up as much as possible.[6]



Chevalier triggered during a car crash as a kid, and he found out later his brother was kidnapped during the confusion; the crash had been deliberately set up by a kidnapping ring called the "Snatchers". Three years later, he heard about the group again, and was almost given the codename "Relentless" for the way in which he pursued them. After taking them down, he was recruited into the Inaugral Wards Team team by Alexandria. He became friends with Hannah, even having a short relationship in high-school before they drifted apart, both being becoming too busy.[6]

He was a regular attendee of Endbringer attacks

Chevalier and Myrddin encountered Faultline’s Crew, according the Newter they were beaten by the mercenaries.[12]

Story StartEdit

He appears with many other heroes when forces are gathered to repel the Endbringer attack on Brockton Bay.[13]

When Skitter said she could track leviathan with her bugs Chevalier gave the okay for her to be airlifted to keep track of the monstrosity.[14]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Returned to Brockton Bay to fight another S-Class threat.[15]

When The Triumvirate were incapacitated during the fight responding parahumans followed Chevalier's orders.


Held a press confrence for when Weaver was welcomed into the Protectorate.

Informed Weaver of the compromise that Glenn Chambers proposed that allowed her to join the wards and by extension the Protectorate.

As the leader of the Protectorate, he participated in the Battle against Behemoth.In the early stages he met with Tattletale and Accord to plan the attack on Endbringer only to be attacked by the rogue yang-ban member intent on gaining revenge against the later thinker. Coming to in the hospital he was briefed by Tattletale regarding the situation and personally entering single combat against Behemoth with the help of Usher's power.[6]


In succeeding Legend as leader of the Protectorate Chevalier would also become the head of the New York Protectorate.[16]

Golden MorningEdit

Got a Girlfriend

Trivia Edit

  • According to Valkyrie, Chevalier is the keeper of the "Destroyer" shard.[17]

References Edit

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    “The second group made their way to New York.”

    “Bonesaw and a captive Nilbog that’s apparently rigged to create things on demand,” Weaver said. “Crawlers, Breeds and a handful of others I didn’t identify.”

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