Ben Cothran[1] was a hero known to the public as Chubster, a name he picked out himself.


Ben was the sort to poke fun at himself,[1] but he did have a serious side believing that he was doing some good in the world


He had a good relationship with his daughter charley known to the public as Auroch. He inspired his daughter to believe in the ideals of the Protectorate, becoming a Ward.[1]

Skitter Edit

He never actually met Skitter being unconscious at the time and what happened shortly afterward.but their brief encounter would effect the young villainess in the months that followed.[citation needed]

Appearance & Equipment Edit

Chubster was an overweight man,[1] who wore armor as part of his costume.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Chubster gained durability and ambient momentum effect at will, tied to consequently loss of mobility.[3] Essentially the slower he moved. the tougher he became, with a similer kinetic dampening field around himself while using his power.[4] This made it difficult for him to recieve CPR when he was unconscious.[2]

His daughter Auroch gained similar abilities.



Ben was a natural trigger, setting out to be a hero he became a member of the Protectorate. He chose the name Chubster partly as a joke, supposedly because "all the good names were already taken".[1]

Story StartEdit

Chubster participated in the Battle against Leviathan, the first endbringer battle where the Protectorate had the chance to gather their forces before the Endbringers strike.

After the defending capes evacuated following Leviathan's opening attack Chubster was knowcked out by a wave sent by the beast. A fellow cape with a shotgun gave him CPR. Eventually the teen-aged villain Skitter took over for the departing shotgun cape, attempting to give him CPR, though she was hampered somewhat.

Hearing that another wave was incoming Skitter tried to move Chubster but proved to be too weak, given a split second to make her decision the villain choose was forced to abandon him in order to flee to safety from the incoming wave, and Chubster was killed.[2]

Legacy Edit

His daughter would take his death hard but would eventually recover.[5]


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