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Chuckles is a serial killer, and member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Chuckles is described as a tall, pear shaped man. He usually dressed up as a fat clown and had a aversion to both basic and advanced hygiene.

Clones had a noticeable different and drastic appearance.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Chuckles is a Brute and Mover. He has super speed in his head and legs and super strength in his chest and arms[1]. Unfortunately, Chuckles' powers cause him to perceive the world around him in perpetual slow motion, leaving him unable to communicate. He taught himself how to make a sound similar to laughter - the source of his name.



Chuckles attacked a police station at one point in his career[2]. Was at Riley's house on January 20th 2005, when the nine recruited Bonesaw[3] into their ranks.

Story StartEdit

Chuckles was dead, however the member he helped recruit came across a DNA sample from the former clown...[4]


Multiple clones created, these differed considerably from the original. Besides scarification to approximate clown makeup several clones were made with 30 additional elbows, able to make accordion like punches.

Golden MorningEdit

A Chukles clone participated in the Oil-rig battle on the first day of the golden morning. He deployed with Clockblocker, Gentle Giant, and one other cape against Zion[5]. After proving ineffective he returned with his battered allies in his arms.

Chuckles was not seen again.


  • Chuckles appears as an antagonist in an early Worm draft titled Circus vs. the Elite where he was explicitly a creation of the then unnamed bonesaw rather then a separate individual whose clones were later modified[6].



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