Chuckles is a serial killer, and member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Chuckles is described as a tall, pear shaped man. He usually dressed up as a fat clown and had an aversion to both basic and advanced hygiene.[1]

Clones had a noticeable different and drastic appearance.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Chuckles is a Brute and Mover. He has super speed in his head and legs and super strength in his chest and arms.[1] Unfortunately, Chuckles' powers cause him to perceive the world around him in perpetual slow motion, leaving him unable to communicate.[2] He taught himself how to make a sound similar to laughter - the source of his name.



Chuckles attacked a police station at one point in his career[3]. Was at Riley's house on January 20th 2005, when the nine recruited Bonesaw into their ranks.[4]

Story StartEdit

Chuckles was dead, however the member he helped recruit came across a DNA sample from the former clown...[5]


Multiple clones created, these differed considerably from the original. Besides scarification to approximate clown makeup several clones were made with 30 additional elbows, able to make accordion like punches.

Golden MorningEdit

A Chuckles clone participated in the Oil-rig battle on the first day of the golden morning. He deployed with Clockblocker, Gentle Giant, and one other cape against Zion[6]. After proving ineffective he returned with his battered allies in his arms.

Chuckles was not seen again.


  • Chuckles appears as an antagonist in an early Worm draft titled Circus vs. the Elite where he was explicitly a creation of the then differently named Bonesaw rather then a separate individual whose clones were later modified.[7]


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    The clown was fat, tall, and generally pear-shaped. It was dirty, grungy, almost fetid, smelling of sweat and blood and worse things.

    No wonder. He can’t even clean himself, with arms like those.

    The Chuckles had arms that zig-zagged, consisting of more elbow than arm. They trailed behind him like ribbons, and the hands at the end were large and blunt-fingered.

    “Ha,” Chuckles said.

    The clown drew one arm close, folding the elbows, then lashed out with a surprising speed, extending the elbows all at once.

    Golem let himself fall face-down on the rooftop before the fist could connect, unsure if he’d even be able to rise.

    The clown laughed, a discordant sound, as if there were a different voice for each syllable of the utterance.

    Super speed in the head and legs, super strength in the chest and arms. He had to deal with perceiving the world too fast, unable to communicate. Only managed to teach himself to make a sound like laughter. Kind of.

    Went crazy. Like Purity’s going to.

    Already, the clown was preparing to strike again, planting his feet, rearing back, and condensing one of his accordion-arms by folding all of the elbows.

    Theo reached into the ground, creating a large hand from beneath Chuckles. He closed the fingertips on a single point.

    Chuckles crumpled, but Theo’s grip between his legs was strong enough to hold him upright. Hanging limp, in too much pain to move, Chuckles giggled. A strained sound. - Excerpt from Interlude 26b
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    Many of the S9 and S9-alikes who didn’t make it into the final group have been referenced by this point. Ones who appeared in previous drafts of Wormverse writings. Chuckles featured in ‘Circus vs. the Elite’, the same story where Bitch was first conceptualized.

    In the story, the ‘Elite’, a top-tier group of supervillains looking to control supervillainy worldwide came to the city (might’ve been Toronto), and much like the S9 did, they pay personal visits to each of the villains and villain groups as a show of power. The idea here, however, was that the Elite were wanting the villains to submit to their authority and work under their organization. The villains band together in groups to hold out against the incursion.

    Elite member Bonesaw, who went by a different name, sends her creation Chuckles after Circus and Parian. - [ Comment by Wildbow} on Interlude 20


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