The unconventional leader of the Protectorate Department 39, Atlanta .[2]


Her trigger event and subsequent powers heavily influenced her personality. She does not usually talk to the press, and is has a no-nonsense attitude to leadership.[3] She's taciturn and impatient with the public, dislikes merchandising, and is known for essentially never retreating regardless of losses.[4]

Reputation Edit

She has built up a good reputation despite - or perhaps because of - her caustic personality,[4] and is considered one of the top heroes in the Protectorate.[5] Villains often surrender or flee at the sight of her.[4]


As a Ward, 'Ash Phoenix' had a flaming bird motif to her costume. This was eventually dropped, in favor of an overall gray design with a few colorful embellishments that she uses as Cinereal.[6]


Cinereal is noted for her raw power and durability.[1][3]

Cinereal creates large amounts of particulate "ash" across an area, spreading it with waves and blasts as well as creating plumes from her body when struck or striking during combat. The sticky ash seeps into and strengthens nearby structures.[7] Once the ash is created, she has no ability to move it, but can absorb it into herself or ignite it (see below.)[7][8]

Cinereal can absorb and coat herself in the ash, consuming it in order to teleport and/or heal herself (which automatically kicks in if she is mortally injured.)[7] Once she has activated this breaker state, she is unable to leave the area of ash until she has used up all the ash in the area, in a time-consuming process that heals any injuries she took during the battle.[9] When she exits her breaker state, any nearby flames are simultaneously extinguished.[7]

Fire PowerEdit

Cinereal has another ability that she almost never uses - she can set herself and the nearby ash on fire, causing it to burn at 1100 degrees C and consuming it at a steady rate. [7]

She used this ability more liberally when she went by Ash Phoenix, but was forbidden from doing so for an extended period of time.[6]



She joined the Wards eight years ago.[4] During her Ward years and before re-branding she was known as Ash Phoenix.[6]

Two years into her career,[4] she was forced into a leadership position when the previous protectorate leader of Atlanta killed himself. She proved herself apt and was allowed to keep her position in the team.[1]

Due to limitations of her powers she never deployed against the original trio of Endbringers.[9]


She survived the events of Gold Morning. Two years after the event she had joined The Wardens, one of the Protectorates successor organizations. She is considered one of the key members, and has her own statue in HQs lobby.[10]

Trivia Edit

  • Cinereal is an old English word that comes from the latin Cinis, which means and relates to ashes. Specifically the dead cold heavy black ashes left after a fire.
    • Cinereal is the root of incinerate which means deducing something to ashes.
  • Cinereal's flame is hotter than most magma.[11] It's intense enough to soften steel[12] and to liquify copper, gold, bronze, aluminum and silver.[13]

References Edit

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