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Circus was an independant villain[3][4][5] and a classic example of a Grab-Bag Cape.


Circus appeared to be a man while in civilian clothes, and an older teen/early-twenties girl while in costume.[6][7][4]

Circus' costume, makeup and color scheme were different every time they went out, but the theme was always more or less the same[4]. On one occasion, they wore a costume and makeup of red and gold[8]. Another, Circus wore clown makeup and a jester’s cap, with a teal and orange skintight costume complete with coattails, and bells jangled from the tips of their cap, their coattails, their gloves and boots.[4]


Circus was described as a "genderfluid cross-dresser"[1] by the author. This made it impossible for Tattletale to determine whether they were "a guy posing as a girl when in costume or a girl who poses as a guy when in plainclothes",[7] because both suppositions are essentially correct.[1]

Circus was one of the more successful solo villains around Brockton Bay, working as a theif. Their powers made them both quick and versatile enough to win or slip away if they crossed paths with a hero. At some point, they were offered a position on the Undersiders and vehemently refused, although they were willing to work for Coil alongside his other agents.[4]

In exchange for a great deal of money, Circus agreed to leave Brockton Bay, and never work under the same costumed identity again.[7]

Abilities and Powers

Circus' power granted them superhuman reflexes, balance and coordination,[9] enhanced aim,[7] spatial sense,[10] minor pyrokinesis,[4] and an extra-dimensional storage space, which they used to store a variety of items,[4] potentially including disguises.[6] They were considered a "grab-bag cape" give their wide spread of minor but related powers.[4]

Circus' aiming skills are sufficient to hit a horsefly out of the air by spitting,[7] place throwing knives only in nonlethal areas,[7][11] and hit their targets without looking or line-of-sight.

Circus is highly practiced at effecting a quick change into costume aided by their pocket space.[12]


Circus habitually carries a large, colorfully painted sledgehammer, colored streamers trailing from it, which they could make disappear after each hit, and reappear in a raised position or while spinning to speed up assaults.[4][11] They wielded throwing-knives, which benefited from their enhanced aim.[11][7][4] Further they carry road torches and and slimier for a base from which to summon massive fire-balls with their power.



Circus likely triggered as part of a group event, explaining their mix of powers. Coil claimed to have recruited them over a year before the events of the story.[7]

Story Start

Made a reputation as a cat burglar in Brockton Bay.

Fought Dauntless and Armsmaster when the Undersiders' backer revealed themselves.


Circus was seen in Coil's base being kept in reserve for the fight against the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine

They attacked the mayor debates with Coil, later being seen out of costume with Thomas Calvert. After Coil's Betrayal, they were found by Echidna while laying low. Alongside Uber and Leet, they were used to create the first wave of her clones.


They went missing shortly after Echidna was defeated.[10]


Circus entered a relationship with Uber, but they split up later.[13]


  • Circus was the protagonist of several early stories that eventually became Worm, including one called "Circus and the Elite", where they faced a Slaughterhouse Nine-like group[14][15].
  • Copies of Circus made by Echidna are called Carnie's, mirroring how Circus's name is used to describe traveling shows.


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