Jess Griess is a member of the Protectorate.

Personality Edit

She is focused on what she wants and what she wants right now is to continue to pursue police work.

She is approved against S-class threats

Appearance Edit

Jess is described as a fit 5'7" tall woman of middle-eastern descent with a square jaw. her appearance such that she can 'pass' for certain 'races' due to her own indeterminate ethnicity.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Jess can produce a cone-shaped spray of liquid forcefield capable of covering roughly eight hundred square feet in seconds. It is initially fragile - breaking if the target is already moving at a walking pace - before setting to a consistency akin to sheet metal, capable of being bent or broken with exerted force at the edges. Further spray can layer the field for additional strength.[2]

She manages the breadth and intensity of the spray by way of energy projection her power provides at the palm of her hands. Using these tools, she can keep the clay in a semiliquid state and mold it into simple, medieval constructions, or alter its properties to facilitate these constructions, or alter their fundamental properties. such as making the substance conductive to electricity or not.[3] She maintains a Striker rating for her ability to use these projection tools as a CQC weapon.[1]

Very adapt at close quarters contact, and  is a superb actor who can alter accents and other body language with ease in order to blend in.

The versatility of her abilities allowed her to assume several distinct parahuman identities who seemingly had their own powers.

History Edit

Background Edit

Was on a routine undercover assignment when she was caught in an explosion this caused her to trigger [1]


Stayed with the Protectorate despite revelations regarding Cauldron and deviants. She does not go out on patrol so much as she goes under cover to try and infiltrate various criminal organizations.


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