Codex is a member of the Ambassadors.


Codex is a pale woman that wears a white evening gown and featureless white mask[1].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Codex is a Blaster/Thinker hybrid that strikes anyone within its area of effect with permanent brain damage and memory loss in exchange for granting her a temporary boost to her mental power[1]. Her area of effect can be seen in the glowing of her victims' eyes.

Causes permanent brain damage while enhancing her own[2].

According to Tattletale, Codex is good at administration, is a fantastic cook, and skilled when it comes to managing people[3].


Codex was recruited and given powers by the Ambassadors alongside Jacklight, Ligeia, Lizardtail, and a fifth recruit. Accord lent her to the Undersiders in exchange for Tattletale's analysis of her power[1].

During the assault on the Teeth, Codex broke away from the Ambassadors and advanced, using her power on the crowd of Sprees. When Citrine gave the order, Codex and Jacklight lobbed her power towards Butcher only for Butcher to teleport away before they could do any real damage[1].

When Butcher started to go after her, Skitter and Bitch retrieved her and told her to hit Butcher when she could. She attempted to hit Butcher with her power as Butcher was preparing her bow, but it was too slow and Butcher teleported away. She was then shot in the neck and killed[1].


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