Coil was a supervillian operating in Brockton Bay.


His personality seemed to mesh well with Accord given there was a supposed partnership, or even friendship between them.

His power allows him to capture and torture individuals for information and as long as his targets would have no memory of what happened and he would face no consequences. He used this partially to gather information and partially as stress relief[1][2]


The Travelers Edit

Coil had several plans to assist the Travelers with their main issue. But when these failed, such as getting the assistance of Panacea, [3] he ultimately schemed to turn their situation to his advantage.[4]

The Undersiders Edit

Formed The Undersiders as a team to use for various tasks. He started them on pulling insignificant heists to test their worth, slowly building up on what the team attempted.

Cauldron Edit

The chess-master was a pawn in a much larger game. He had to make promises and deals with powerful people to gain his abilities, and put himself into debt doing it.[5] His civilian identity and potential importance were what allowed him to get his powers in the first place.[6][7]

Accord Edit

Accord considered Coil a friend, it is unknown to what extent this was considered mutual.[7] However if an opposing faction ever reached out to Accord to for help against Coil any advice they were given would be slanted to give Coil an advantage.


Thomas is described as a skeletally thin man, taller than Grue.[8]

As Coil, he wore a skintight black bodysuit with a stencil[9] of a white snake curling around it, its head on his forehead, extending down the back of his head, looping and winding over his entire body with its tail at one ankle.[8][10] A zipper was hidden in the snake, at his ankle. His mask didn't have eye holes. The fabric of the costume allowed him to see and breathe through it, but was an opaque black-gray to outside observers in all but the brightest light.[10][11] The way it clung to his skin let you see his individual ribs and joints.[8]

In his civilian identity, of Thomas Calvert, he had close cropped, coarse hair, trimmed eyebrows, thin lips and a cleft chin. He wore the body portion of a PRT uniform with an insignia stitched onto his sleeve.[12]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Coil is arguably one of the most powerful supervillains in Brockton Bay. In addition to his power, he employs a variety of supervillian teams and independent supervillains; the Undersiders, the Travelers, Uber and Leet, Circus, Chariot, Trainwreck, and could hire Faultline's Crew or even cape mercenaries from Boston and New York as needed.[4] He is also the head of a large mercenary force that he outfits with top-of-the-line gear including tinker-tech rifles.

Coil's power appears to grant him the ability to 'split' the world into two timelines and then collapse the timeline he likes less whenever he wants, "destiny manipulation". In truth his power allows him to mentally simulate concomitant timelines, or corcognition, until he dies in one of the simulations or he chooses to end one of the simulations.[13][1] He can never have more then two.

This power allows Coil to attempt different courses of action regarding a situation and then pick the timeline he wants to keep while retaining all knowledge from the other timeline. Much of his success ultimately hinged on this ability to create feed-forward loops; being able to test his plans in different permutations before acting upon them.

Sources of "causality interference" interfere with his power, including most precognitives, meaning he can't make use of information-gathering powers again and again in different timelines.[14]



Thomas was a part of the PRT's special forces. When the PRT received reports about Nilbog, his team was sent in to deal with the situation. He was one of the only two survivors of the following incident, the other being Emily Piggot.[15]

At some point, Thomas found out about and approached Cauldron before he bought a superpower. It was expensive, forcing him to postpone his plans and spend years gaming the market in order to pay it off.[5]

Story StartEdit

Attended the meeting at Somer's Rock completely by himself.[8]

Following several successful jobs by The Undersiders he revealed himself to his employees.


Began making moves to secure territory in the devastated city through his employed villains.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

His plans so close to fruition he had to deal with Dragon and Defiant deploying their new mechanical suits to Brockton Bay. After paying a hefty sum to the Dragonslayers his hirelings were able to drive the suits out. He was then able to enact his endgame.

Faking his death in an attack at the mayoral debate he was able to disgrace Director Piggot and take over for her as Thomas Calvert. He did not account for Skitter being there in her civilian identity.

Skitter found out about his identity and confronted him. Calvert was prepared and made a clumsy attempt to kill Skitter. He almost turned Skitter's teammates against her, but failed due to Grue's power allowing them to uncover the deception. In the final meeting, Tattletale revealed that she bought out his mercenaries. Skitter than took a gun and prepared to shoot him. Coil assumed she wasn't a killer. Skitter bluntly told him "No. But I suppose in a roundabout way, you made me one." She than shot him in the head.

As a final spiteful gesture Coil released Echidna to plague the Undersiders and Brockton Bay.

Legacy Edit

His murderers would take everything that was his, including his place in the expectations of the organization that had secretly backed him.[7]


  • "I’ll admit I am not proud of my failure to see the bigger picture, and I assure you, it is not a mistake I am prepared to make again[16]."

References Edit

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