Coil's Betrayal


June 19, 2011


Brockton Bay


Damage Sustained/Casualties


Coil's Betrayal marks Coil's betrayal of the Undersiders.

Prelude Edit

After she has an adverse reaction to the revelation of Diana's kidnapping, Coil realizes Skitter is likely to turn on him at some point.

Coil starts taking many precautions in case of betrayal and sets up to betray Skitter first. When sent to intimidate the Mayor Trickster carries recording devices for Leet to create the "famine engine", a device that mimics Skitter's power.[1]

Battle Edit

Skitter was teleported into a building, was shot and then looked in a burning building. This pissed Skitter off.[2]

Aftermath Edit

Echidna is set loose on the recovering Brockton Bay


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