Intimidating the Mayor


Battle against Echidna

Coil's Betrayal


19 June 2011


Brockton Bay


Damage Sustained/Casualties

Skitter (injured)

Coil (deceased)

Coil's Betrayal marks Coil's betrayal of the Undersiders.

Prelude Edit

After she has an adverse reaction to the revelation of Dinah's kidnapping, Coil realizes Skitter is likely to turn on him at some point.

Coil starts taking many precautions in case of betrayal and sets up to betray Skitter first. When sent to intimidate the Mayor Trickster carries recording devices for Leet to create the "famine engine", a device that mimics Skitter's power.[1]

At the same time the undersiders, mainly Skitter and Tattletale, begin planning to defeat Coil. they do not tell the others about the plan to a full extent, insuring information hygiene.

Battle Edit

Skitter was teleported into a building, was shot and then looked in a burning building. This pissed Skitter off.[2]

Aftermath Edit

The Undersiders subvert and absord all of Coil's wealth and connections.

Echidna is set loose on the recovering Brockton Bay.[3]


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  3. Relatively unscathed
    Blind, arm in a sling, limping, coughing, smoke inhalation, broken ribs, with a several-ton Case-53 Class-S mutation that hates the shit out of her on the loose.
    The victory was really Tattletale's more than Skitter's. The foreshadowing of Tattletale being up to something extended back to arc 3, there were several notes and hints dropped leading into it.
    Could I have done it better? Sure. I don't wholly disagree on your overall point, but I do think you're being a tad unfair here. - comment by Wildbow.