The Corona Pollentia is the part of the brain that adapts to and controls the supernatural powers that parahumans develop and display.


Corona PollentiaEdit

The Corona Pollentia is the part of the brain that adapts to and controls the powers that come from individual Entity Shards. With the appearance of this formation the subject becomes able to trigger.[1]


The Gemma is the part of the Corona Pollentia that controls the active use of a parahumans' abilities and powers, the same way there are parts of the brain that allow regular humans to coordinate and move their hands. Artificial gemma's were known to give powers that were mal-adapted to stressful engagements.[2]

Size and LocationEdit

The size, shape and location of the Corona and the Gemma changes from parahuman to parahuman, but it tends to sit between the frontal and the parietal lobe. It is because of the size and location of the Corona Pollentia and Gemma that prevents people from lobotomizing people as, most of the time, trial and error doesn't work.


  • The size and shape of the Corona Pollentia is also stated to depend on the powers of the parahuman with it and how their powers work.
  • This is how Cauldron is able to remove powers - Contessa can (via her power) damage the Corona Pollentia in such a way that the target loses access to their powers.

References Edit

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  2. The deviations, the ones who didn’t take to the formula, tended to fall into certain categories. There were those who had some minor physical or mental changes; they were little different from the most extreme deviations that appeared in typical trigger cases. Such deviations occurred a mere eighth of a percent of the time. They weren’t what he was thinking of.

    The formula wasn’t exact. Though they learned more every day, there were still unknowns regarding powers. Whatever connection the agents formed with individuals before or during a trigger event, it didn’t manifest as strongly through the formula. When the subject was stressed, their body engaged by that distress, the connection grew weaker. - Excerpt from Interlude 21.x